Instrument Drawing

This is a drawing of instruments that represent my chosen type of festival. The pink and the green colours in it were done using watercolour pencils, and these colours were used because I felt they were quite natural, which is a key theme in arts/music festivals. I decided not to use lines that were to bold or harsh within this drawing, because I feel this would go more with a rock festival, which is dark and bold, where are sketchy light lines work better with my theme. I chose to draw the acoustic guitar, as I feel that at my type of festival a lot of country/ alternative music would be played. The violin also shows that ranges of music are performed at these type of festivals. My limitations when doing this piece were the time we had to draw it in, and the types of materials were restricted. If I were to do this again, I would pay more attention to detail and perhaps do some shading to make it look more three dimensional, as I feel this would give a nice effect.Scan


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