Practise Poster

Practice Posters

These posters are practice posters leading up to making my final poster to advertise my festival. The first one has a white border, and has a vintage camera placed in the middle of it. Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 15.20.07This is meant to represent the fact that my festival is ‘alternative’ rather than a mainstream festival, but instead is more creative than that. Furthermore, the background looks almost lightly splashed with colour, which gives it a slight hint of colour, but doesn’t draw your attention away from the camera; which is the focal point of the poster. The con of this poster is that the camera could be seen as perhaps un-related to my festival. And when you first see the poster, it shouts ‘photography?’ …it’s almost like false advertisement, after all, I am advertising a festival, and not a camera. On the other hand, the colour scheme fits with my festival, as features pastel colours which are a good portrayal of the festivals mood/atmosphere. Another con of this design is that the poster is not shown in a large format on it, and to make my festival recognisable should be featured larger on every piece of merchandise for advertisement.

I particularly like the layout of the second poster I designed. It has a big logo on the top half of it, and the camera still featured on the bottom half. The colours are fairly Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 14.25.08simple, and again a good representative of my festival. The logo and image have been placed with a wide gap between them, as this makes the audience view the whole poster, rather than focusing on one particular middle point. The logo is fairly large, which is to show the purpose of the poster, it has been enlarged to this size to be visible from a distance and to make the logo recognisable. To improve this poster, I could perhaps make it more complex, or include some imagery that is more relevant to arts and music festivals. For example, sketchy images may be relevant to represent an alternative look or flowy, free lines may be used in images to show this sort of theme.


Ink and Bleach drawing

For this drawing I used pencil to sketch an outline and then I filled it in with water, ink and bleach. The limitations of this piece were that we could only use a certain restricted colour, in order for the bleach to properly work. I chose to draw/paint an image of a vintage camera, as this goes with my project theme, and fits with the subtle colours of the logo design. The picture also features flowers, which make the picture less boring and fit in with the ‘hippyish’ style of my festival. I enjoyed using the bleach as its something which I hadn’t used before in my work, and I felt it went quite well. although, the next time I use this technique, I will think more carefully about where the bleach could be put on the picture, as I know what its effect is now.flower collage 1

Flower collage

flower collageThis is a collage I made using old magazines, and I based it upon an image I already had. I chose to make a collage of a flower, because If I were to use it in my logo, I feel it would fit well. The colours all fit with my colour scheme, and are quite light so work well for the type of festival I chose. To improve this collage, I could have perhaps made it more complex, as at the moment it’s quite basic. I would add more leaves also, so it’s less boring. This collage could be developed further in photoshop, so it looks neater and the colours could be made bolder. This is something I would do If I were to use it in any of my further design ideas. I am pleased with the way my collage turned out as I felt it was quite tricky to make, as it was difficult to find colours which would make up the image together, despite being on different magazine pages.

Designers work

poster 4The first poster I have looked at is featuring a woman with brightly coloured afro-style hair. The colours in the poster are eye catching, and work well together to give the poster an ’80’s’ style look. The typography also features well on this poster, as its fairly simple so doesn’t contrast with the bold intricate picture behind it. This poster creates a warm, exiting mood as the colours connote happiness and being not too harsh, give a warm welcoming feeling.  The butterfly on the woman’s mouth is definitely the focal point of the picture, as being darker than the rest of the image, draws your eyes into it. The butterfly is also very effective as gives a sense of  the unknown. Covering the woman’s eyes shows that perhaps this poster doesn’t want to reveal too much information, but leaves it as a weird and wonderful mystery as to what it’s about; which s represented by this butterfly. This could also however be a con of the poster, as not revealing a lot of information makes it harder for the reader to know what the poster is about. There is small text featured at the bottom of this poster, which again is perhaps something that is more of a negative aspect as it would be quite hard to read from a distance, which slightly defeats the point of a poster.

poster 3

This poster, shows someone swimming with a snorkel, and is advertising an aquarium. The text is very easy to read and clearly represents the purpose of the poster. The imagery used on the poster is sketchy, and uses bright bold attention seeking colours. However, these colours work well on this particular poster as being fairly natural, clearly show the natural, animal based event. At the bottom of the poster, we can see that there is typography there which appears to be more sketchy than the rest. This is effective as makes the event appealing to children as well as adults, as perhaps has a friendlier look to it. The focal point of the poster is the diver, which is effective as it is aquarium-based imagery, so holds a strong representation of the purpose. As well as practically showing the aquarium, the sketchiness, and un-neat aspect to it creates a friendly inviting environment.

The next poster I looked at shposter 2ows a woman with long hair which appears merged into the basic, coloured borders of the poster. Minimal text is featured in this poster, and the poster appears to rely on the image to represent the posters purpose.  the contrasting blue and pink colours work well together and seem fairly ’60’s’ inspired.  The mood of the poster is very relaxed and calming. The typography in this piece however, is very hard to read, and the important information, which is shown at the bottom of the screen, is very small and difficult to read even up close, so from a distance is close to impossible. This is something that could have perhaps been further developed on the poster, to make it suit its purpose. This poster also has a very ‘bubbly’ feel to it, making it fun and attention grabbing. The posture of the person in the lower right hand corner suggests a active, sporty type mood, which again is something that may make the poster appealing.

This poster appears to shoposter 1w a hand-drawn design, with two different types of typography. The focal point of the poster is the fox, which merges into the swirls on the poster. The girl in the picture appears to have a slightly textured hat, and like the majority of the poster, is also hand-drawn. There could be range of hidden messages behind the imagery, as featuring a fox and a rabbit could represent predator and prey, but as both show their heads in a darker colour, could be representing some form of identity. The swirls of the girls hair seem to make up the background of the image, maybe suggesting that the human has the largest amount of power out of them all? The text at the very bottom of the poster is clear and easy to read. It is not extremely big however, but still should be viable from a distance.

Final logo.

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 10.46.09This is the image i decided to go with for my final logo. I feel this image is the strongest, as can be seen from a distance, and sticks to the light colours I was aiming to use for my festival. The type in the logo I feel is a good representationof the type of festival it is, as the curved flower-like edges show the natural authentic side of my festival. i came up with the idea for this logo through the chosen words I had. ‘summer secrets’ connotes a warm and happy, but secretive idea. I wanted to get the warmth of the word ‘summer’ through my design, but also get the secretive element in my image as well. I feel my image and text work well together for the purpose that the text and the logo fit together well, and both have meaning behind them. The strengths of my logo I feel is mainly the drawing, as it clearly shows this festivals idea of ‘secrets’ I also feel that it clearly represents an arts and music festival, as the colours are light, and the vine in the girl’s hair shows the festival has a ‘natural’ side to it. Although the colours in the image are fairly light, they have a darker edge so are clear to see. The weaknesses of my logo are the fact that because some of my drawing is covered by the typography, It may make the typography more difficult to see. another con of this design would be that the image is darker than I would have liked it to be. When uploading it, and changing its format on illustrator, this made it appear darker then it originally was. this is not a major problem though. This logo was put together on illustrator, which I found fairly tricky as it was hard to select the correct object to move it, as each picture had a large area to be moved by. Overall, I am happy with my design.

Logo and Picture arrangements.

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 11.03.23These are some ways I combined my final image with my text to create my final logo. Each of of these i have experimented with the composition, arrangement, and colour to see which best suits my festival. i have tried using my hand drawn type, and computer based type to see which work best together to make up my logo. The design i feel i will make my final one, features of the picture behind the text, and a slight gap in the word ‘secret, to make the picture more visible. The problems with some of thee logos is that the text, although matching my colour scheme, would be too light to use, as my festival logo needs to be recognisable from a distance, and you should be able to read it clearly without struggling to depict what it says.

Logo picture eperimentation

tttHere are two images i experimented with for my picture for my logo. The flower fits with the theme, as it’s symbolically represented as ‘hippyish’ which is where i got the idea for the vines in the persons hair for my main logo picture. I feel I have combined the two within one picture, so it has turned out quite successful.  The thing I would change about it however, is I would add the top of the girls head into the picture, as I feel this part could be added to make the picture look more effective. I feel that the image of the girl worked the best as it looks neater than the flower. This is the idea I will be taking forward in my further designs. The flower could perhaps be used for poster or any kind of further advertising for my festival.

Logo Picture progression

tttt              My image for my logo has now been edited in illustrator and photoshop. I have smoothed out the colours, and made it look neater and more appropriate for a festival logo. The design is still based upon the original image, and has colours to suit my theme. I found using illustrator harder than photoshop, as I have used photoshop before, but illustrator was fairly new to me. I enjoyed using photoshop to tweak my design, as it enabled me to fill in the gaps i’d missed in my drawing, and make the colours more vibrant. Illustrator also improved my design, as it smoothed the picture out further, and added a bolder effect to the image so it was suitable to be resized. The thing I don’t particularly like about my design, is that there is a slight line coming out of the girl’s plait on the right hand side. This was something I forgot to remove in photoshop. On the other hand, it doesn’t matter too much as it can be interpreted as a loose stand of hair, which goes with my relaxed theme.

Logo picture

scannnn 001This image I designed based on a photo I took, and I edited the colours and features to suit my music festival. The hand represents someone being hushed, to show the ‘secrecy’ side to my festival, which, when put with the title of my festival, should be easier to understand. The colours in the image, i’ve shown to follow my colour scheme; and have used pastel colours to depict the mood of the festival.

Letter texture

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 11.13.25This is a letter from my logo, which I added a texture to. i changed the colour of the texture to pink in illustrator, as I felt if I were to go forward and use it in my logo, this would be a colour that may fit in well. The texture ranges from light to dark and was created using magazine images layered up to produce this faded effect. Although I like this design, I don’t think I will use it in my logo as it may be less visible/unclear to read from a great distance, and I feel this would then defeat the purpose of a logo.