Logo Picture progression

tttt              My image for my logo has now been edited in illustrator and photoshop. I have smoothed out the colours, and made it look neater and more appropriate for a festival logo. The design is still based upon the original image, and has colours to suit my theme. I found using illustrator harder than photoshop, as I have used photoshop before, but illustrator was fairly new to me. I enjoyed using photoshop to tweak my design, as it enabled me to fill in the gaps i’d missed in my drawing, and make the colours more vibrant. Illustrator also improved my design, as it smoothed the picture out further, and added a bolder effect to the image so it was suitable to be resized. The thing I don’t particularly like about my design, is that there is a slight line coming out of the girl’s plait on the right hand side. This was something I forgot to remove in photoshop. On the other hand, it doesn’t matter too much as it can be interpreted as a loose stand of hair, which goes with my relaxed theme.


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