Final logo.

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 10.46.09This is the image i decided to go with for my final logo. I feel this image is the strongest, as can be seen from a distance, and sticks to the light colours I was aiming to use for my festival. The type in the logo I feel is a good representationof the type of festival it is, as the curved flower-like edges show the natural authentic side of my festival. i came up with the idea for this logo through the chosen words I had. ‘summer secrets’ connotes a warm and happy, but secretive idea. I wanted to get the warmth of the word ‘summer’ through my design, but also get the secretive element in my image as well. I feel my image and text work well together for the purpose that the text and the logo fit together well, and both have meaning behind them. The strengths of my logo I feel is mainly the drawing, as it clearly shows this festivals idea of ‘secrets’ I also feel that it clearly represents an arts and music festival, as the colours are light, and the vine in the girl’s hair shows the festival has a ‘natural’ side to it. Although the colours in the image are fairly light, they have a darker edge so are clear to see. The weaknesses of my logo are the fact that because some of my drawing is covered by the typography, It may make the typography more difficult to see. another con of this design would be that the image is darker than I would have liked it to be. When uploading it, and changing its format on illustrator, this made it appear darker then it originally was. this is not a major problem though. This logo was put together on illustrator, which I found fairly tricky as it was hard to select the correct object to move it, as each picture had a large area to be moved by. Overall, I am happy with my design.


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