Flower collage

flower collageThis is a collage I made using old magazines, and I based it upon an image I already had. I chose to make a collage of a flower, because If I were to use it in my logo, I feel it would fit well. The colours all fit with my colour scheme, and are quite light so work well for the type of festival I chose. To improve this collage, I could have perhaps made it more complex, as at the moment it’s quite basic. I would add more leaves also, so it’s less boring. This collage could be developed further in photoshop, so it looks neater and the colours could be made bolder. This is something I would do If I were to use it in any of my further design ideas. I am pleased with the way my collage turned out as I felt it was quite tricky to make, as it was difficult to find colours which would make up the image together, despite being on different magazine pages.


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