Practise Poster

Practice Posters

These posters are practice posters leading up to making my final poster to advertise my festival. The first one has a white border, and has a vintage camera placed in the middle of it. Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 15.20.07This is meant to represent the fact that my festival is ‘alternative’ rather than a mainstream festival, but instead is more creative than that. Furthermore, the background looks almost lightly splashed with colour, which gives it a slight hint of colour, but doesn’t draw your attention away from the camera; which is the focal point of the poster. The con of this poster is that the camera could be seen as perhaps un-related to my festival. And when you first see the poster, it shouts ‘photography?’ …it’s almost like false advertisement, after all, I am advertising a festival, and not a camera. On the other hand, the colour scheme fits with my festival, as features pastel colours which are a good portrayal of the festivals mood/atmosphere. Another con of this design is that the poster is not shown in a large format on it, and to make my festival recognisable should be featured larger on every piece of merchandise for advertisement.

I particularly like the layout of the second poster I designed. It has a big logo on the top half of it, and the camera still featured on the bottom half. The colours are fairly Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 14.25.08simple, and again a good representative of my festival. The logo and image have been placed with a wide gap between them, as this makes the audience view the whole poster, rather than focusing on one particular middle point. The logo is fairly large, which is to show the purpose of the poster, it has been enlarged to this size to be visible from a distance and to make the logo recognisable. To improve this poster, I could perhaps make it more complex, or include some imagery that is more relevant to arts and music festivals. For example, sketchy images may be relevant to represent an alternative look or flowy, free lines may be used in images to show this sort of theme.


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