Teaser poster

These are examples of teaser posters that I designed to advertise my festival. These are practScreen Shot 2015-11-09 at 15.31.51ices so will not be my final design, but allowed me instead to experiment with different ideas. The text is also experimental, but links to the idea of my festival having a running theme of ‘secrets’. the first poster, stating ‘where secrets begin’ has a fairly simple design and features my bleach drawing, logo and typography. The typography is stylised to fit with the festival genre, and is in the centre of the poster to intrigue the audience. The cons of this design are that it is simple, and looks un-professional. To improve it, it could be made more complex and designed to be more relevant, and distinctive to my festival.

This is another poster I designed for my festival. It shows the imagery within the Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 15.35.41text and again has a simplistic design. I prefer this poster as looks neater than the other one and has a more eye catching design. I have put the imagery behind the text to experiment with ways the image could be used. I feel this is an interesting way of using the image, but is not as practical for a poster as makes the writing less visible to read from a distance.


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