Text experimentation

This is an example of experimentation with text, I used a tool to change the size, opacity, and shape of the text. I feel the effects I used on the text give it quite a clear and interesting shape, which is easy to read but interesting. I also changed the opacity to create my own shadowing effect, which draws more attention to the words. I feel this technique could be used in my final poster design. I also experimented with the colour of the text to see which worked best with the background colour. Working with different colours and fonts allowed me to have a clearer understanding of which worked the best, so I know which I can take forward in designing my final poster. I feel the typography at the top of my poster worked the best, and perhaps if I were to develop this further I would put a shadowing effect behind it as this is something I like from my other experimentations.Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 15.49.55


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