Health and safety



  • Back problems
  • Repetitive strain injury
  • Eye strain

Many computer users suffer from a bad back, or similar problems due to having to work long hours on computers. The main reason for this is slouching, or poor posture when they sit at a computer. The solution to this- a fully adjustable chair, and computer screen should help correct a persons posture when looking at a computer screen. Another problem when working at computers for a long period time would be repetitive strain injury. This is damage to the fingers, wrists and hands of a person when they use the mouse/keyboard at their computer. To reduce this risk, using wrist rests, and taking five minute breaks from the computer every hour should make a great impact on minimizing RSI. Another possible risk when using computers is eye strain. Although not scientifically proven, many people believe staring at a computer for a large period of time can cause damage to your eyes. Straining your eyes through computer use can be minimized by taking short breaks when using computers. A break will give your eyes time to focus on something else, and relax,  minimizing this potential risk.

Painting with Bleach


  • Skin irritation
  • Getting it in your eyes
  • Spillages

There are many risks associated with painting with bleach. One of the main risks being skin getting burnt/irritated through contact with the product. However, this risk is easily reduced through wearing gloves, and appropriate clothing making sure minimal skin is on show- so cannot be harmed by the product. Another risk with painting with bleach is getting it in your eyes. This again is another risk that can be reduced if the correct precautions are taken first. Before working with bleach, you should make sure your hair is appropriately tied up, so no hair can fall into your eyes, minimizing the risk of your hand being near your eyes in order to push it away. Another precaution to be taken, is clearing your work space, and making sure you are organised and fully concentrated on the task. A set mind will allow you to be safe when taking risks, rather than forgetting the dangers. And last but not least- the most important step to avoid the bleach getting into contact with your eyes. Always wear safety goggles. Safety goggles allow nothing to get remotely close to your eyes, as being fairly large, cover a large surface of your face. Then if you do go to scratch/touch your eyes, the safety goggles will be there to stop you. Another danger with working with bleach, is spillages. Preventing spillages can be easily done by having a clear work space, and making sure the bleach is set in a place where it couldn’t easily be knocked over.

Using a rotation to cut paper


  • It falling off the table
  • Cutting yourself

When using a rotation to cut paper, appropriate steps should be taken before hand, to prevent any dangers from happening. Firstly, the work space should be clear, and it should have been made sure that the rotation is placed on an even desk, away from the edge. This will prevent the rotation falling off the table, and potentially hurting somebody. Another risk associated with using a guillotine is that it has an incredibly sharp blade. Paper must be lined up and placed under it carefully in order to remove the risk of the blade snapping, as too much pressure on it may cause this to happen. Cutting yourself is another associated risk with using a rotation, and can be prevented by keeping fingers clearly out of the way of the cutting area. This can be done by making sure when you use the rotation, you use one hand to trim the paper, and another hand to steady the rotation. This assures hands are out of the way of the blade.


Moving around the room


  • Tripping over chairs
  • Tripping over bags
  • Making space


When moving around the room, precautions must be taken to prevent accidents happening. For example, when getting up from your seat to walk somewhere in the classroom, you should always tuck your chair under/into your desk to stop anyone tripping over it. Placing it neatly under your desk allows a clearer pathway for people to walk through, and stops the unlikely event of anyone hurting themselves after falling over your chair. Another precaution to  be taking when thinking about getting up to move around the room is placing your bag neatly under your desk. Again-like the chair, bags can be a hazard to anyone walking near them, and should be set down safely under your desk to stop anyone tripping, including yourself. Another thing to be aware of when moving around the room, is that its most likely full of people. When moving around the room, be sure to take in mind that other people will be walking in the same, and opposite direction to yourself. So like they would for you, make space for them to pass you-and avoid awkward classroom congestion.



Using a hair-dryer to dry ink


Dangerous heat

Blocking the air filter

When using a hair dryer to dry ink, safety precautions must be taken first. For example, you should consider that a hair dryer is essentially made for the use of drying hair- not ink. When using a hair dryer, you must be careful when using it to dry a particular area. When holding a hair dryer over one particular spot, it can cause that area to become incredibly hot. By gently moving the hair dryer in a back-and-forth motion, the area wont become as hot and will reduce the risk of you burning yourself. Another risk associated with hair dryers is the opposite end to the dryer. As part of the hair dryers mechanism, the hair dryer has a component on the end of it which sucks in air. This can be a safety hazard, as if blocked, may cause the hair dryer to blow up; and this would lead to a further list of unfortunate hazards.

Drawing with permanent markers


  • Health complaints
  •        Flammability

Many permanent markers contain a dangerous chemical which can be harmful to the skin. Therefore precautions must be taken to minimilise this risk. Low risks of this show it to act as an irritant to the eye and have shown to effect mucus membranes, where as higher risks have shown to cause things such as liver damage. Therefore, when using these, you should try to keep them away from your skin as much as possible, and use them sensibly and effectively. Inhaling these products, also may lead to further complication, so they should be kept on your paper, and not near your nose. Another rusk of permanent markers is that they are highly flammable; meaning they can be easily caught fire to. Therefore, these markers should be kept away from fire, and put away safely when not in use, to prevent such risks.


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