‘In the style of’ Posters

‘In the style of’ Posters

The first poster I designed has a pink background, a large word; ‘Summer, and a key which entwines through this word. This design is based on the ‘Blanco’ poster by Abram Games. I have chosen to use different colours, and imagery on this poster to assure it follows alonScreen Shot 2015-11-11 at 11.10.46g with my festival, rather than looking too much like an Abram Games poster. The pink background has darker corners, which I have designed to be like Abram Games’ style as in his Blanco poster he has darkened the corners of his design. His poster also has the imagery of a needle and thread, which entwines through the letters of the word on the poster. This is why I have placed imagery behind my word, in a similar placement inspired by Games’ design. However, mine shows a key, which is supposed to represent the word ‘secret’ and shows that rather than writing the full name for my festival, it can be shown through imagery. I am particularly pleased by this design as it is visible from a far distance, fairly neat, and represents my festival; not mimicking Abram Games’ work. The cons of this design may be that it is too like Abram Games’ layout, but I feel this is also a strength as although a similar layout, works well as Abram Games was a very successful graphic designer, so his techniques are useful. Another con of the design is that the full name of my festival isn’t shown, and nor is any festival details. Perhaps if I were to take this design idea forward and use it in my further poster designs I could include more useful information and stylize it more so it’s my work, and less Abram Games’.

The second poster I designed is based on a poster that Abram Games made to advertise an airline. I felt that choosing this poster to make into something festival related would be successful, as its purpose was advertisement… which is also my purpose. On Games’ design an airplane is features, flowerwhich appears to be almost split in half. The bottom half of the plane being a lot darker than the top. This is what I’ve tried to do with my design. I took a flower and made the top half lighter than the bottom half, and used a similar placement to Games’. Again this can be seen as a negative thing, as it is similar to Games’ work. The colour scheme however, is simply based on my colour scheme for my festival, which makes sure it’s relevant to my design. Again, like the last, the poster could be improved by adding a more personal, stylised theme, and adding some text. The placement could also be altered to make it less like Games’ work.


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