Final Poster

Final Poster Evaluation

Final Posterrrrrrp

The message I was hoping my final poster would convey was the idea that my festival is not only about music, but is creative and fun. It has naturalistic imagery and should also represent the alternative and natural idea within the festival. It is not rock, nor pop, but is clearly arts and music.

My final poster uses a combination of words and images which help to build up the final result. It features an image of a guitar, with manipulated strings, stickers, and vines. The guitar used for the background of my poster is a photograph that I took myself, so is not copyrighted to anyone else. It has been digitally edited in Photoshop, so parts of it have been removed and changed colour to suit my theme. I have removed the background, and replaced it with a pale pink colour to match other parts on the poster. I didn’t change the guitar too excessively, as I still wanted it to be visible that it was in fact a photograph. The strings are a brighter white, and have been given a slight shadow to draw them out from the background. This makes them appear more prominent, and aims to do this in order to bring attention to the bottom string, which holds the website address. The two top strings have been removed, one is removed to attach the black string lettering, and the other removed to stop any over complication happening on the poster. The guitar I chose to be the main background of the poster, as it is relevant to music and is something which would be found at a festival.

The poster’s focal point is the black string ‘summer secrets’ which has also been given a shadow to push it out of the background and into the foreground. These words are not only black because that was the original colour of the string, but black because being a bold colour, it stands out, and does not clash with the white strings, or orange coloured guitar behind it. However, using black for this part of my design could also be seen as a negative thing, due to the fact that part of it is on top of a brown part of the guitar so you could argue that these two being similar colours, may make it harder to read the words. To stop this from happening, a very faint white line is placed around the words that are on top of the darker parts of the guitar, which help stop it from merging into the background. This visual language conveys the message of the festival title in an imaginative way, which uses materials other than digital work and combines words and images. The meaning behind the title ‘Summer Secrets’ is the idea that the festival has a twist on it, rather than being a normal music festival it is imaginative and creative. Using the word ‘Secrets’ within the title create an intriguing idea that interests the reader. What is the festival about? It’s a secret. This is a reason my festival doesn’t have a tag line; it would defeat the point of the word.

Furthermore on my poster I have produced small, fine vines with flowers on them which curve around parts of the guitar. These represent the ‘Summer’ element of the festival as they are commonly found in summer, which is why the colours are also quite bright greens and pinks, as this is when they would be growing with such vibrant colours. These are digitally drawn, and in a doodle-style to show the arts side of the festival. These hand drawn aspects are also inspired by my designer research, as I found that hand drawn images are a common thing within representing arts and music festivals. These vines are also used for the date and location of my festival, depicting important details, but also fitting in with the style of the rest of the poster.

I tried to stick to one set colour scheme for my poster, like the rest of the aspects of my festival. These colours were; pinks, greys, browns, greens, and whites. However, this appeared to be quite a difficult task. Within my poster I have used a combination of blacks and oranges too. Without straying too far from the original colour scheme, I have still used colours which collide with my theme. However, I feel to make my poster successful these colours are necessary. For example, in an attempt to overcome this I changed the colour of the guitar to a light pink colour. This made the guitar look fake and changed it so it no longer looked like a photograph, this way I found out that I was better off sticking with the original colour. Also, the black colours in the image I decided to keep this way due to the fact that they are the boldest colours on the poster, and are needed for conveying a bold message.

The line up acts shown through the stickers on my poster were supposed to be suited to my festival type. The artists are suited to a relaxed atmosphere, without the rock or pop element of crazy crowds. These few artists I have selected are popular, so aim to draw attention, and are also all of a similar category and would be found at the same festival.
The guitar rosette (part around the sound hole) is another feature I adjusted on the guitar photograph. As the colours were too dark, I used the ‘lasso’ tool in Photoshop to add a new colour layer. This way I could mute the harsher colours and add duller and lighter ones without changing it so much that it doesn’t look real. After this I used the brush tool to change the centre of the rosette to a pink colour, matching it with my theme and getting rid of some of the rosette detail, avoiding over complication.

I feel my work strongly fits the original brief as combines words and images, is creative, conveys my theme, and is not copyrighted but instead all designed by myself.


Digital Experiments

To make my stickers I used paper and hand drew them so that the techniques I used on my poster varied. Using paper as the base of my stickers rather than making them purely on Photoshop gave them a textured background rather than having a smooth one. Some of my stickers however, I have edited further in Photoshop to give them colour and to give some of them the effect that the sticker is slightly peeling off. This gives the impression that my festival doesn’t have ‘neat and tidy’ connotations but instead is crafty and alternative. The colours I used for the stickers were in attempt to stick to my colour scheme of my logo, so I have mainly used pinks and greens. The black outline however, not part of my colour scheme, is simply used to give the stickers a bold effect and make them visible as they are very important on the poster. The Ed Sheeran sticker also, has an orange paw print. This is because I have based it on Ed Sheeran’s original logo so it is recognisable as he is a very popular musician, and also a headline act at my concert.

The combination of words and images in my design are shown through the typography being part of the sticker. This shows the image and word are one, and the curved effect of some of the sticker corners stop the words looking like they’ve simply been placed on top of the image.
The size and scale of the stickers is all dependant on the importance of them. For example, the Ed Sheeran sticker is larger than the Mumford and Sons sticker as he is a headline act and Mumford and sons aren’t. Another Sticker on the poster is my ‘secret summer’ logo. This is not an enormous sticker and is fairly small as although important, the title of my festival is shown through my wire design. Therefore, I felt making my sticker too big would be fairly pointless as this information is already listed, and is the main focal point of the picture. However as it is my logo, I have still included it on the poster as I want it to be recognised as it is also on my merchandise and festival ticket.

I feel my stickers are a very successful part of my poster as they are bold and easy to read. Typically guitarists are known to place stickers onto their guitars advertising the musicians and bands they like. I therefore felt that stickers would be an effective and relevant way of advertising the festival line up. They are also successful as look quite realistic and the shadowing effect helps create the illusion that they are real stickers. Another thing I feel went particularly well with the stickers is the curled edges. This makes the poster interesting and stops the image being flat but rather is now more life-like.

The things I felt didn’t go so well with the stickers were the colours. I feel in some places the colours don’t seem relevant to the design/festival type, and could perhaps be improved. These can easily be changed in further development of the final poster and perhaps can be made to be more relevant. When doing this, I would have to think about the tone and opacity of the colour also, as making the colours too bold may look as if I am advertising a different type of festival rather than arts and music. Another con of the design would be that they don’t link to my designer research as much as the rest of my designs. Although links can be made, they are very subtle and don’t show much influence from the main designer. However, this could also be a pro of the design, as it makes the design seem original and innovative.

The typography on the stickers isn’t measured to accuracy and the sizing of the letters appears to vary. Through this I was hoping to make the festival seem less formal, and more relaxed. This is a way of representing the festival vibe through what is on the poster.

The message I was hoping to convey through the stickers were a simple representation of which acts would be performing at the festival. For this purpose, I feel that the stickers are appropriate.

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 20.58.28

Guitar string web address
My first experiment is the combination of words and images through the last guitar string. In the image shown, you can see that the string of the guitar has been made into the festival’s website address. The purpose of this was to show a creative way of including the text within the image on the poster.

I have stuck with the colour of the guitar string; white, and made it slightly brighter so it is clear and visible against the background colour. This white colour also works well with my poster as is light and works well with my logo colour scheme. To do this, I used a Wacom tablet as it allowed me to draw on top of the guitar string and erase the relevant parts to fit the web address in. Furthermore, the address curves around the sound hole which gives it an arched effect which works well on the poster as is an interesting combination of words and images.

My aim was to bring the guitar strings forward from the picture, making them stand out. This can be achieved by giving the strings a drop shadow and making the strings more prominent by brightening the colour.
The web address however I have not included as a large part on the poster as it is not of great importance. I wanted it to be clear, and visible so it had a purpose, but the scale I kept fairly small in an attempt to not to make it so prominent that it takes the focal point away from the main part of the poster.

I feel it is a very successful combination of words and images as the image is the word. It creates unity between the image and the text and draws interest in something that perhaps people would not usually pay much attention to. I feel it is also successful as it is very simple but effective. The colour is basic, like the design which does not over complicate it. The lesser success of it may be that it might draw people’s attention away from the main text within the poster; this is something I’ve tried to prevent through keeping it small. Another negative point would be that because I have drawn over the top of the original string with a Wacom tablet, it perhaps makes the string less lifelike. To improve this experiment, I would add more shadowing behind the string which would make it jump out from the page. I would also make the lines straighter and neater, to make the poster look more professional.

I feel that this idea does clearly link to my research as shares characteristics with the shoe lace poster. Like that poster, it turns the image into the word and makes the word stand out above the background.
I feel this idea does fit the brief as it clearly combines words and images in a creative way.

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 21.45.07Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 21.44.59

Vine words
My next idea was turning vines on my guitar into words. The words spell out the festival details which I feel are a fairly important part in advertising the festival.
The intention with this digital experiment was to combine the words and images in a clear and effective way whilst still conveying the message they deliver. I used vines to do this under the intention that they would present the natural, calm side of my festival. This idea was taken from one of my thumbnail sketches, where the vines wrapped around the guitar and formed the festival line up.

I feel this digital experiment was fairly successful as combines words and images, and is still relevant to my theme. The colours are appropriate and work well to give an effective look. The combination of the word and image works well because it doesn’t look forced, but instead flows well and also works well on-top of the guitar. Another thing which I feel works well is the fact that the vines are hand-drawn. This adds to the idea that the festival has an arts side to it, which can be seen through the doodle-type style the vines take. They do not look realistic and therefore add a creative element to the festival. The less successful parts of my design are the fact that it may be unclear to read from a far distance, this is because the vines are quite stylised and take a loopy appearance. To improve this, I could make the edges of the vines more defined and perhaps add a shadow behind them to create a division between them and the guitar. This would make them stand out more.

This design not only links to one of my thumbnail sketches, but also links to my designer research. My research of the ‘Doune the rabbit hole’ festival showed that using hand drawn imagery/typography was very effective. Therefore I used this idea within my own work, basing my design on this poster by hand drawing my vines. Rather than using a typical font, I hand drew the letters to give the impression that this festival is different and exciting.
I feel that this idea does clearly meet the brief as it is creative and links to my research.

Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 23.42.57.png

Summer Secrets
My intention for this idea was to use a new kind of material to combine words and images with. I feel that the more materials I used in my final poster the more appropriate it would be for an arts and music festival.

To make the word summer secrets, I used a shoe lace to spell out each word at a time. Starting with ‘Summer’ I blue tacked the string to a surface so it would stay in place, and then photographed it. This is the same process I used for the word ‘Secrets’, using the same shoe lace. Once both were photographed, I placed the images into Photoshop and removed both the blue tack and background, leaving only the words. The next step was to join the words together combining them into one, and inserting the image into my final poster design. The reason I used a lace to make these words was due to many failed attempts of using wire. Making these words out of wire appeared to be a difficult task, and the end result I felt was not appropriate for my final poster. By using the lace however, I could curl and curve the letters freely without having sharp or angular edges, which looked more appropriate for an arts and music festival. I feel if I had used the wire, it would have conveyed a theme more suitable for a rock poster.

The colour I used for this word and image combination was simply black, due to wanting my festival title to stand out as it is the main part on the poster. Although not part of my original colour scheme, using black allowed me to make a bold statement and for my words to be read clearly. I wanted these words to be the main focal point of my image, so this is another reason for using this colour. The reason for wanting it to be the main focal point was because being the title of my festival, would be the name people recognise.

This is also the reason that this word and image combination is to a large scale. My intention was to make it visible from a distance, again to be recognisable. However, if put to an even larger scale, I feel that it would dominate my poster too much drawing your attention away from the other details on it.

To make the idea more innovative and exciting, I could focus on using a more interesting material than the lace that I used. Another thing I could do would be making the lace a different colour, and preferably one that would be more relevant to my theme.

I am confident that this idea does meet the brief as it is creative, and combines words and images in an interesting way. It also uses interesting materials to do this, and appeals to my theme as the curved edges of the letters fit well.

The shoe lace does have a slight texture to it, but is not visible within this image but instead appears smooth.  I feel if I were to add any more texture to this design it will over complicate it and make it harder to read.







Thumbnail designs for sketches

This design is inspired by one I looked at for my designer research. The design is a shoe which shows the shoe laces have been made into a word, which is a way of combining words and imagery. The idea was designed to show the secretive element of my festival title, as well as representing the musical side to it. It is supposed to be appealing to audiences and make people interested in coming to my festival.

The guitar strings have been made into the words ‘secret summer’ to show my festival name and placed in the middle of my poster, become the focal point. This is also a way of combining the words and the imagery. The festival line up, is shown on the guitar. I was planning on making these acts into stickers that can be placed on the guitar, this is also how my logo will be included. The stickers will also be scaled in size based on the importance of the act. For example, ‘John Mayer’ will be a fairly large sticker as is a headline act. The event details and website are curved around the base and hole in the guitar, as an interesting way of showing the typography, rather than placing it in a straight line. although colours are not shown on this design, I am planning to use colours that link to my colour scheme. (light pinks, greens greys) This will then show a running theme throughout all of my festival designs so far, making it more recognisable.

The majority of the poster is taken up by the guitar, which then allows the strings to become the focal point. In addition to this, making the guitar so big allows the audience to recognise that the poster is a bout music, and clearly represents the festival idea. The size and scale of the typography is also based upon importance. The festival name; the most important feature, is the largest piece of typography on the poster. The event details, although important, are quite small as are not the most important part in advertising the poster. The main success of the poster is the combination of the words and images. I feel this works the best as it merges the guitar and the words making them seem as if they are one object.

I feel this idea does fit the brief as has a lot of possible ways I could combine words and images. It is also creative which fits the brief, and works well with the theme of my festival; arts and music. A challenge I might face if I were to go ahead with this design may be turning the guitar strings into words. For this I may have to think carefully about the type of resources I use, in order to get a good result.

The guitar takes up the majority of the background of the poster, in order to clearly present the idea that this is advertising a music festival. This also removes a large amount of negative space, presenting the poster with a finished look rather than looking incomplete.

thumbnail sketch

Guitar with vines

My intention for this idea was to represent music and arts within one design, much like my other design ideas. I aimed to include word and image combinations within the main focal point of the design.
The design features a guitar in the centre, which is bound with vines that are stylized to create the names of the line up featured at the festival. Using vines to reveal the names allow the theme of my festival to run through, and the hand-drawn effect of them works well with the ‘arts’ side of the festival. They hug a guitar, showing the musical element and representing the idea that the poster represents a festival. Some of the line up acts are shown larger than others, helping the audience to understand which are the headline acts. Alongside this, the typography for the line up varies throughout the poster. Some acts are shown in a regular, simpler font. This again is to show the importance of the act, and the information that is not as important can be seen in this type of font.
The message I was hoping for the design to convey was a natural, relaxed message. It was simply an advertisement which depicts the kind of vibe at my festival.
My festival logo is featured at the top of the poster, which gives it a bold appearance on the poster. It is centralised and is based on the design composition of another poster I looked at called ‘Cascadia’. I took the layout of this poster, and used it for my design as I felt it was not only very effective, but also easy to understand and I felt the simplicity of it worked well.
The design idea is not featured in colour as is only a sketch and has not been developed further. However, if I was to develop it further, I would stick to using the colour scheme of my festival; light pinks, greens browns and greys. This would also match my logo.
The website address has been featured underneath the base of the guitar. It is curved around it to make the poster more interesting and to make it centralised, so it is close to the focal point. It is not incredibly important, but has been placed here in case the audience with to know more about the festival. Underneath it, the date, time, place and telephone number of the venue is listed. This information is compulsory for my poster so I have included within the main layout of the poster. Its font is simple, and the information is small to show it is of a lesser importance. Beneath it, are four leaves which are placed to give the poster a natural feel.
To improve this design, I would develop it by adding colour and make the measurements more accurate to make things exactly centralised. However as it is only a sketch, these are not major things. So a further improvement to this design I feel would be to add a border to make it more interesting, and perhaps think about the placing of the acts as they may appear fairly random. I particularly like the focal point of my design and feel the guitar and vine drawing is a creative way of representing my type of festival. Another successful part of this idea is the key which is placed on the guitar. The neck of the guitar looks fairly normal, but at the end of it has the prongs of a key. This plays a big part in representing the ‘secret’ element of my festival. A weaker point within the design is the negative spaces, which takes up quite a lot of the page. This suggests my design is too small, and the scale needs to be worked on.
I am confident that this idea does meet the brief, as it includes a combination of words and images, and is only a thumbnail sketch. I feel it is quite creative, and is influenced by the work of one of the designers I researched.

thumbnail sketch 2

Gateway Design
I produced this idea as it was completely different to my two previous ideas. It shares similarities such as the featuring of a guitar, and the logo placed at the top of the design but overall is a very different idea. The main intention was to show the secret element of my festival but represent this in a way that could be still understood that it was a festival.
In this design there is a pathway leading to a door which is in a wall. The wall is not fully built and has some areas where the bricks are unrealistically placed. This gives it a slightly mystical feel and adds to the idea that it is an arts and music festival. The pathway leading up to the door is a guitar which is used to show the musical element in the design. The focal point of the guitar, the door, is the largest thing on the poster. It isn’t open, which although could be said provides an unwelcoming atmosphere, gives the sense that the festival it secretive. What’s behind the doors?
In the door panels, the headline acts are featured. This is because they are most important acts, so need to be shown within the focal point. The other less important acts are written in the gaps in the wall which are out of the focal point, but still within the main image. As the doorway has an arched top, the website address has been arched and included within the doors towards the top of the page. It is in a small font which is because it is not of great importance. The logo however, which is a lot more important is of a larger scale and is shown at the top of the page.
This design is inspired by the ‘arts and music festival’ poster I looked at which features a large monster in the middle of the page. I liked the idea of putting the text inside the monsters mouth as I felt this was an interesting way of placing the words within the picture. So I took this idea and placed my words within the wooden panels on the door. Another thing I took from this poster is the bold headline at the top of the page. This is why I made my logo so big and placed it where it is.
The successes of my poster I feel are that it is an original design and is very creative. It not only shows the musical aspects of the festival but also pays particular attention to the secretive element, and has the information clearly listed. Another success, I feel would be the guitar beneath the door. The shape of it creates a welcoming environment as it curves outwards towards the viewer. The box element on the guitar (the bridge) also acts as a doormat as well as being a key feature on the guitar. This shows the image fits well combining the door and the guitar drawing them into one point where they become one image instead of two. However like any design, my idea does have faults. For example, the line up acts appear randomly scattered on the page giving it a sense of a disorganised layout. Another fault, the key information; (date & time) are again in random places and look disorganised. To improve this, I feel grouping together this information may work more effectively. Another improvement, would be to make the design simpler as it is quite complex which makes it perhaps slightly confusing.
I feel the design does fit the brief as it has words and imagery, and has all the relevant information as well as being an innovative and creative design. However, it fits the brief less than the other two designs as it doesn’t combine the words and imagery as effectively.
thumbnail sketch 3