Thumbnail designs for sketches

This design is inspired by one I looked at for my designer research. The design is a shoe which shows the shoe laces have been made into a word, which is a way of combining words and imagery. The idea was designed to show the secretive element of my festival title, as well as representing the musical side to it. It is supposed to be appealing to audiences and make people interested in coming to my festival.

The guitar strings have been made into the words ‘secret summer’ to show my festival name and placed in the middle of my poster, become the focal point. This is also a way of combining the words and the imagery. The festival line up, is shown on the guitar. I was planning on making these acts into stickers that can be placed on the guitar, this is also how my logo will be included. The stickers will also be scaled in size based on the importance of the act. For example, ‘John Mayer’ will be a fairly large sticker as is a headline act. The event details and website are curved around the base and hole in the guitar, as an interesting way of showing the typography, rather than placing it in a straight line. although colours are not shown on this design, I am planning to use colours that link to my colour scheme. (light pinks, greens greys) This will then show a running theme throughout all of my festival designs so far, making it more recognisable.

The majority of the poster is taken up by the guitar, which then allows the strings to become the focal point. In addition to this, making the guitar so big allows the audience to recognise that the poster is a bout music, and clearly represents the festival idea. The size and scale of the typography is also based upon importance. The festival name; the most important feature, is the largest piece of typography on the poster. The event details, although important, are quite small as are not the most important part in advertising the poster. The main success of the poster is the combination of the words and images. I feel this works the best as it merges the guitar and the words making them seem as if they are one object.

I feel this idea does fit the brief as has a lot of possible ways I could combine words and images. It is also creative which fits the brief, and works well with the theme of my festival; arts and music. A challenge I might face if I were to go ahead with this design may be turning the guitar strings into words. For this I may have to think carefully about the type of resources I use, in order to get a good result.

The guitar takes up the majority of the background of the poster, in order to clearly present the idea that this is advertising a music festival. This also removes a large amount of negative space, presenting the poster with a finished look rather than looking incomplete.

thumbnail sketch

Guitar with vines

My intention for this idea was to represent music and arts within one design, much like my other design ideas. I aimed to include word and image combinations within the main focal point of the design.
The design features a guitar in the centre, which is bound with vines that are stylized to create the names of the line up featured at the festival. Using vines to reveal the names allow the theme of my festival to run through, and the hand-drawn effect of them works well with the ‘arts’ side of the festival. They hug a guitar, showing the musical element and representing the idea that the poster represents a festival. Some of the line up acts are shown larger than others, helping the audience to understand which are the headline acts. Alongside this, the typography for the line up varies throughout the poster. Some acts are shown in a regular, simpler font. This again is to show the importance of the act, and the information that is not as important can be seen in this type of font.
The message I was hoping for the design to convey was a natural, relaxed message. It was simply an advertisement which depicts the kind of vibe at my festival.
My festival logo is featured at the top of the poster, which gives it a bold appearance on the poster. It is centralised and is based on the design composition of another poster I looked at called ‘Cascadia’. I took the layout of this poster, and used it for my design as I felt it was not only very effective, but also easy to understand and I felt the simplicity of it worked well.
The design idea is not featured in colour as is only a sketch and has not been developed further. However, if I was to develop it further, I would stick to using the colour scheme of my festival; light pinks, greens browns and greys. This would also match my logo.
The website address has been featured underneath the base of the guitar. It is curved around it to make the poster more interesting and to make it centralised, so it is close to the focal point. It is not incredibly important, but has been placed here in case the audience with to know more about the festival. Underneath it, the date, time, place and telephone number of the venue is listed. This information is compulsory for my poster so I have included within the main layout of the poster. Its font is simple, and the information is small to show it is of a lesser importance. Beneath it, are four leaves which are placed to give the poster a natural feel.
To improve this design, I would develop it by adding colour and make the measurements more accurate to make things exactly centralised. However as it is only a sketch, these are not major things. So a further improvement to this design I feel would be to add a border to make it more interesting, and perhaps think about the placing of the acts as they may appear fairly random. I particularly like the focal point of my design and feel the guitar and vine drawing is a creative way of representing my type of festival. Another successful part of this idea is the key which is placed on the guitar. The neck of the guitar looks fairly normal, but at the end of it has the prongs of a key. This plays a big part in representing the ‘secret’ element of my festival. A weaker point within the design is the negative spaces, which takes up quite a lot of the page. This suggests my design is too small, and the scale needs to be worked on.
I am confident that this idea does meet the brief, as it includes a combination of words and images, and is only a thumbnail sketch. I feel it is quite creative, and is influenced by the work of one of the designers I researched.

thumbnail sketch 2

Gateway Design
I produced this idea as it was completely different to my two previous ideas. It shares similarities such as the featuring of a guitar, and the logo placed at the top of the design but overall is a very different idea. The main intention was to show the secret element of my festival but represent this in a way that could be still understood that it was a festival.
In this design there is a pathway leading to a door which is in a wall. The wall is not fully built and has some areas where the bricks are unrealistically placed. This gives it a slightly mystical feel and adds to the idea that it is an arts and music festival. The pathway leading up to the door is a guitar which is used to show the musical element in the design. The focal point of the guitar, the door, is the largest thing on the poster. It isn’t open, which although could be said provides an unwelcoming atmosphere, gives the sense that the festival it secretive. What’s behind the doors?
In the door panels, the headline acts are featured. This is because they are most important acts, so need to be shown within the focal point. The other less important acts are written in the gaps in the wall which are out of the focal point, but still within the main image. As the doorway has an arched top, the website address has been arched and included within the doors towards the top of the page. It is in a small font which is because it is not of great importance. The logo however, which is a lot more important is of a larger scale and is shown at the top of the page.
This design is inspired by the ‘arts and music festival’ poster I looked at which features a large monster in the middle of the page. I liked the idea of putting the text inside the monsters mouth as I felt this was an interesting way of placing the words within the picture. So I took this idea and placed my words within the wooden panels on the door. Another thing I took from this poster is the bold headline at the top of the page. This is why I made my logo so big and placed it where it is.
The successes of my poster I feel are that it is an original design and is very creative. It not only shows the musical aspects of the festival but also pays particular attention to the secretive element, and has the information clearly listed. Another success, I feel would be the guitar beneath the door. The shape of it creates a welcoming environment as it curves outwards towards the viewer. The box element on the guitar (the bridge) also acts as a doormat as well as being a key feature on the guitar. This shows the image fits well combining the door and the guitar drawing them into one point where they become one image instead of two. However like any design, my idea does have faults. For example, the line up acts appear randomly scattered on the page giving it a sense of a disorganised layout. Another fault, the key information; (date & time) are again in random places and look disorganised. To improve this, I feel grouping together this information may work more effectively. Another improvement, would be to make the design simpler as it is quite complex which makes it perhaps slightly confusing.
I feel the design does fit the brief as it has words and imagery, and has all the relevant information as well as being an innovative and creative design. However, it fits the brief less than the other two designs as it doesn’t combine the words and imagery as effectively.
thumbnail sketch 3


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