Final Poster

Final Poster Evaluation

Final Posterrrrrrp

The message I was hoping my final poster would convey was the idea that my festival is not only about music, but is creative and fun. It has naturalistic imagery and should also represent the alternative and natural idea within the festival. It is not rock, nor pop, but is clearly arts and music.

My final poster uses a combination of words and images which help to build up the final result. It features an image of a guitar, with manipulated strings, stickers, and vines. The guitar used for the background of my poster is a photograph that I took myself, so is not copyrighted to anyone else. It has been digitally edited in Photoshop, so parts of it have been removed and changed colour to suit my theme. I have removed the background, and replaced it with a pale pink colour to match other parts on the poster. I didn’t change the guitar too excessively, as I still wanted it to be visible that it was in fact a photograph. The strings are a brighter white, and have been given a slight shadow to draw them out from the background. This makes them appear more prominent, and aims to do this in order to bring attention to the bottom string, which holds the website address. The two top strings have been removed, one is removed to attach the black string lettering, and the other removed to stop any over complication happening on the poster. The guitar I chose to be the main background of the poster, as it is relevant to music and is something which would be found at a festival.

The poster’s focal point is the black string ‘summer secrets’ which has also been given a shadow to push it out of the background and into the foreground. These words are not only black because that was the original colour of the string, but black because being a bold colour, it stands out, and does not clash with the white strings, or orange coloured guitar behind it. However, using black for this part of my design could also be seen as a negative thing, due to the fact that part of it is on top of a brown part of the guitar so you could argue that these two being similar colours, may make it harder to read the words. To stop this from happening, a very faint white line is placed around the words that are on top of the darker parts of the guitar, which help stop it from merging into the background. This visual language conveys the message of the festival title in an imaginative way, which uses materials other than digital work and combines words and images. The meaning behind the title ‘Summer Secrets’ is the idea that the festival has a twist on it, rather than being a normal music festival it is imaginative and creative. Using the word ‘Secrets’ within the title create an intriguing idea that interests the reader. What is the festival about? It’s a secret. This is a reason my festival doesn’t have a tag line; it would defeat the point of the word.

Furthermore on my poster I have produced small, fine vines with flowers on them which curve around parts of the guitar. These represent the ‘Summer’ element of the festival as they are commonly found in summer, which is why the colours are also quite bright greens and pinks, as this is when they would be growing with such vibrant colours. These are digitally drawn, and in a doodle-style to show the arts side of the festival. These hand drawn aspects are also inspired by my designer research, as I found that hand drawn images are a common thing within representing arts and music festivals. These vines are also used for the date and location of my festival, depicting important details, but also fitting in with the style of the rest of the poster.

I tried to stick to one set colour scheme for my poster, like the rest of the aspects of my festival. These colours were; pinks, greys, browns, greens, and whites. However, this appeared to be quite a difficult task. Within my poster I have used a combination of blacks and oranges too. Without straying too far from the original colour scheme, I have still used colours which collide with my theme. However, I feel to make my poster successful these colours are necessary. For example, in an attempt to overcome this I changed the colour of the guitar to a light pink colour. This made the guitar look fake and changed it so it no longer looked like a photograph, this way I found out that I was better off sticking with the original colour. Also, the black colours in the image I decided to keep this way due to the fact that they are the boldest colours on the poster, and are needed for conveying a bold message.

The line up acts shown through the stickers on my poster were supposed to be suited to my festival type. The artists are suited to a relaxed atmosphere, without the rock or pop element of crazy crowds. These few artists I have selected are popular, so aim to draw attention, and are also all of a similar category and would be found at the same festival.
The guitar rosette (part around the sound hole) is another feature I adjusted on the guitar photograph. As the colours were too dark, I used the ‘lasso’ tool in Photoshop to add a new colour layer. This way I could mute the harsher colours and add duller and lighter ones without changing it so much that it doesn’t look real. After this I used the brush tool to change the centre of the rosette to a pink colour, matching it with my theme and getting rid of some of the rosette detail, avoiding over complication.

I feel my work strongly fits the original brief as combines words and images, is creative, conveys my theme, and is not copyrighted but instead all designed by myself.


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