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I created this illustration using a Wacom tablet and photoshop. My aim was to show multiple character poses through silhouettes to show the basic movements the character can do.

Whilst making this illustration I encountered many successes and failures. The first failure I encountered was getting the proportion of the head right. Despite having a template to go from, I found it quite difficult to get the head to a shape which looked as if it fitted the body of my character.
Another failure I encountered whilst designing these character poses was giving my character a running theme. What I mean by this, is that it was challenging to make each character pose look like the same character with the same outfit and style. Although I feel despite the difficulty I have successfully managed to achieve this this.
A success I feel in my illustration work was that the poses are clear to view and all demonstrate a different position. This I feel is a success because it was a main part of my original aim.

I feel that I used the most appropriate method to make this piece. Using a Wacom tablet and photoshop allowed me to make errors in my work and erase them quickly and easily creating the illusion that they were never there. Another reason using a Wacom tablet worked well for me was that I feel confident using a Wacom tablet due to having a lot of practice, so therefore this was the correct process to use.

However, a way to improve this process would be to outline my character first. I feel having a bold outline of my character before drawing the silhouette would have given me a clearer idea on the characters stance. This may have helped with understanding the characters proportions and made my final silhouettes more accurate.

The quality of my silhouettes I feel are not great, but for the purpose of this task do not need to be. As they are simply monotone silhouettes they lack any kind of detail, and are only produced to show the possible stances of the character.

I am confident that these illustrations meet the projects brief.

Concept art

Concept art is a form of illustration that is most commonly used in video games, movies and animation. It is a concept known worldwide and is easy come across each and every day. Concept art takes a design process that allows the illustrator/ artist to work with different stages of their drawing or art work and produce similar products. Concept art is very important in things such as game design, as it allows the artist a chance to get their work reviewed on how suitable it is for the game.

For example, this Concept art is designed by Thierry Doizon for “Lara Croft Go” To design this game, the artist would have gone through a design process for each and every detail shown within this picture.

Illustration is used in concept art as it is only a rough design process and is not the final outcome of the design. It can be changed and manipulated to fit the brief.

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 22.28.14.png

line &texture drawings

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 10.18.45.pngScreen Shot 2016-01-20 at 10.18.52.pngScreen Shot 2016-01-20 at 10.41.44.pngScreen Shot 2016-01-20 at 10.44.12.pngScreen Shot 2016-01-20 at 11.10.47.png

This is a drawing I produced on Photoshop with a wacom tablet, to explore making a half human, half animal character. I found this piece particularly fun to make, as it allowed me to explore the human form and add different aspects of animals into my image.

I added horns to this picture, as I felt due to the girls head being tilted downwards, they would be effective as would be quite prominent within the image. I found these horns on Google, and simply used them to be the base of my drawing. To continue, I added fur alongside the hands in my image to show the idea that underneath her coat, she has fur on top of her skin. This fur stops at the base of her hands, to show that she still has a lot a lot of human features. I also found this fur from Google, as again I wasn’t claiming it as my own photo but only using it to draw from. The fur was originally on a shire horse’s hoof; an animal I felt had suitable fur to work effectively in my design.

This character also has whiskers, which were taken from an image I had taken of my cat. Adding whiskers added an animal feature to the girls face, making the character slightly more interesting, and so the animal features were spread out all over her body.

Also featuring fangs, this image has a slightly aggressive side to it. Contrasting with the light and friendly connotations of fur, the fangs which appear either side of my characters mouth show that perhaps it is not as friendly as it seems. The reason I added these fangs was to show that it was not only the outward appearance of my character that is half animal. The inclusion of these sharp teeth suggests that the inside of my characters mouth has animal aspects to it also.

Once I had completed my line drawing, I added textures to my design. My intention was to I make this character mythical, and ‘dream like’ which is why I added a galaxy texture to the characters coat. I feel that this texture makes my design more interesting, and represents my dream-like theme well due to the colour combinations of blues and purples. These colours connote creativity, luxury and power which is another reason this texture works well, as it gives my design a sense of character.

When creating this character I did encounter a few failures, and things that had to be overcome. For example, whilst drawing my characters mouth, I found it difficult to show both the upper and lower lip without making them look incredibly unrealistic. Although it was a fantasy character, I didn’t want to stray too far from my original image as I wanted it to be clear that I was drawing a half human, half animal and not just a weird looking ‘creature’.

I feel that using a wacom tablet was a very successful process to create this character. This is because it allowed me to draw on top of my own photos, and create layers to add and manipulate different textures into and on top of my line drawing. Another reason I feel that this process worked well was due to the aspect of having a rubber on Photoshop that could erase not only the line drawing, but the texture too. If produced without a wacom tablet, or even Photoshop, I feel it would have been difficult to show textures within the image.

 At the moment this image appears very flat, which can be improved by adding more colour and textures to it. Another way to improve this image would be to perhaps have a colour scheme, or make sure that the colours all work well together.

I feel the main strengths with this image is the galaxy coat, which makes it stand out and hopefully completely different from everyone else’s designs.  Also I feel that the proportion of the character and the overall line drawing went well as all the combined parts of the animal and human have worked well.

I also did a second line and texture drawing which is seen below. This drawing was to develop my skills further and to experiment more with combining line and texture.Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 15.33.53.pngScreen Shot 2016-01-25 at 15.54.06.pngScreen Shot 2016-01-25 at 16.06.10.pngScreen Shot 2016-01-25 at 16.23.20.png

Combined drawings

This illustration was created on Photoshop using a wacom tablet.  I found this piece particularly hard to design as my cat drawing was very dark in comparison to my pencil self portrait drawing. When combining these two images, I was influenced by an illustrator. The illustrator I was influenced by was one who used a cracked effect to combine the two images. When making this image, I had to decide which parts of each image to erase and which parts to keep. This allowed me to think practically to decide which image would work best with parts cut out, or parts which would overlap the other image. I decided that I felt the cat drawing was more successful than the self portrait, so this was the image that should have the most inclusion in this design. The reason I feel it is more successful is because it is quite realistic in comparison to the self portrait, and the continuous black fur markings make it look more complete than the other drawing.

During the creation of this piece I encountered many failures. For example, the top of my self portrait is non-existent. Where the forehead and hair line should be there is instead a blank space, due to the fact that I didn’t draw the top half of my head. This problem I found very tricky to overcome as it’s hard to work with a part of an image which isn’t actually there. Another problem I had to try and overcome was blending the two faces together. The solution to this problem was looking at the problem from a different angle. I didn’t have to combine the two images by blending them into each other- so instead I looked at the work of illustrators and realised that using their style, I could create almost a mask by placing one image above the other.

Due to the oddly shaped head of the combined images, I don’t particularly like my design. I feel it looks unfinished and out of proportion. However, there are some successes within this piece. Using a lighter opacity, I created a dark line underneath the part where my cat image joins my self portrait. This elevates the image separating it from the self portrait in an attempt to make it in the style of my chosen illustrator. The colours within the self portrait are minimal; however a slight hint of a pale pinkish colour can be seen within the face. This again is to make my design more in the style of my illustrator. I feel this is a success of my design as it brightens up the piece and again creates a division between it and the cat image.

I feel that using a wacom tablet was a good process for creating this image at the brush sizes can be easily changed and the opacity can be manipulated to exactly the right tones needed. For example, when producing the cat image I needed a very dark colour to show each individual strand of the cat’s fur. But, just doing this made the cat appear to have bald patches- which was far from the photo. Using Photoshop allowed me to create a new layer and place it beneath the one with the strands of fur, and use a dark colour with light opacity to create a base coat to the cat’s fur, removing the idea that the cat had bald spots. If I had have used paints, or pencils to produce this image I would have had a lot more difficulty removing this factor, so I am therefore pleased I used a wacom tablet and Photoshop. For my self portrait, I feel I would have been more successful using a wacom tablet, due to the fact I feel my digital drawing is stronger, and I feel the images would have connected better.

Another way to improve my image processes would have been to plan my use of materials and how my images would be combined before I started the piece. Having an original plan I feel that my design would have been a lot stronger, and as I was producing it I would have had a clearer idea of what I wanted the end result to look like.

The quality of my image appears to vary. For example, the top of the head is of a very poor quality due to the obscure proportion of it, and having to force the images to join unnaturally. I also feel that the quality of the pencil drawing is not as good as the quality of the wacom tablet drawing as the lines are fainter and sketchier. To improve the overall quality of my image I would go over the whole thing with the wacom tablet to make it all of the same quality. The image also looks unfinished, lessening its quality and making it not up to a high enough standard to be used professionally.

I feel that my illustration does meet the brief of my project as shows a clear experimentation of how two images can be combines, and explores both the human and animal form.

Next time, I would plan out what I was going to do before getting straight into the task, and make sure both my pieces if work would fit together without missing parts. (I.e. The head of my self portrait)

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 14.05.42.pngScreen Shot 2016-01-14 at 14.09.58.pngScreen Shot 2016-01-14 at 14.21.08.png



Tonal Drawing

Cat Drawing

This is a drawing of my cat I produced in Photoshop using a wacom tablet. My intention for this piece was to make it as realistic as possible, and to do this I had to work with small details of my image carefully, which although time consuming I feel was worth the effort. To produce this image, I needed a photograph of my chosen animal, so I could produce my drawing. It is a tonal drawing and does not include colours other than grey, black, and white. It is tonal to match my self portrait, and so they can be combined in an easier way.

I used an image of my cat as I felt that this was a familiar face, so would allow my drawing to be more successful.

I am particularly happy with this drawing and feel it was a lot more successful than my self portrait. The reason I think this is because it looks a lot more realistic than the self portrait and has more of a sense of three-dimensionality to it, and therefore does not look as flat as my self portrait. Another thing that I feel went well when producing this image was the ability Photoshop gave me to use layers. Drawing the individual strands of fur, and then being allowed to produce a lighter, underneath layer to my drawing fulfilled the image and stopped any bald areas appearing.

The thing which I feel did not work as well in this image is the ear of the cat as I feel it looks slightly unfinished in comparison to the rest of the cats head. This could easily be improved by adding more fur to the ear, or darker shades of colour. However, the ear I found to be the most difficult part of the cat to draw, due to the darkness of it in my original image. I feel if I were to copy how it looked in the image; it would be more of a complete black triangle than actually being an ear.

Overall, I am happy with this image and feel it could be a successful piece to use later in my project.


Photos for inspiration

These are my photos I have chosen to use for inspiration. I have pictures of myself in different forms which I can use to explore the shape of the human body and experiment with different character poses. I also have pictures of animals which I have taken from different angles so each image is different.


IMG_0986IMG_0992IMG_0979IMG_0993IMG_0983IMG_0980IMG_0982IMG_3280IMG_3264iphone0 099IMG_0571IMG_0503IMG_6445IMG_6441IMG_3080IMG_3087IMG_6667phone 113IMG_3286iphone0 102IMG_6957



VLUU L200  / Samsung L200

VLUU L200 / Samsung L200



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Tonal Drawings


This is a self portrait I produced in lesson. The purpose of this piece was to practise my drawing skills, experimenting with various pencil tones and producing a piece that could be used in the next stage of my project. It is on dark green paper to show the contrast between the background colour, white and black coloured pencils. I feel more confident in using the darker coloured pencils as these are what I would usually use. This is perhaps why I have appeared to use less of the white pencil.

I feel this drawing is not too successful, as only slightly looks like me. I feel that because I have used a lot more dark than light pencil, it gives an appearance that I am older in the image. This is due to the harsh dark lines. To improve this I could add more white bright tones to try and create a smooth effect, and prevent using harsh lines as I feel they give a heavy, unrealistic look.

Something which went quite well however, I feel is the proportion of the things in the image. Despite it not resembling me that much, I feel all of the facial features are fairly realistic and aren’t too far from my actual appearance.

To continue, another fault with this drawing is that it has cut out the top of my head. This I feel might limit what I can use it for, and how I develop it further in Photoshop. If I had planned this drawing first, this would be a factor I might have thought about before drawing.

I feel doing this piece has allowed me to think in more depth about proportion, shape and tone when it comes to drawing the human face. I feel that it has made me more aware of what factors I will need to think about later on in my project, so I can get the best outcome. I also feel that practising drawing the human face has made my drawing stronger, as it is something which I would not usually draw, and producing it allowed me to have an insight into perhaps what areas of drawing I need practise on.









This is a drawing I produced of a ‘water-bug’ it is drawn using pencils, and light and dark tones have been used to show the areas which are darker and lighter on the creature. My intention with this piece was to show the tones in the animal, and present it as close to the actual thing as I could.

I do not particularly like this drawing as I feel it looks quite flat, and although includes different tones, does not fully show the creatures true monotonous colours. I could improve this drawing by working with even more dark, and light tones, and perhaps using pencils of different strengths to help me do this. Also, I feel adding bright white areas to this image may show the tones more clearly, and stop the image looking so flat.

Despite not being in favour of this particular drawing, I feel it does have some strengths. For example, I feel the proportion of the creature’s body and limbs are fairly accurate. Another strength, I feel is the wings of the creature. Although more tones could be added, I feel it shows that the wings are one of the lightest parts on the creature, which was what I was intending to show.

The difficulties I encountered when producing this image was giving it a three-dimensional effect, as it wasn’t an image I was copying it was the actual creature. This I attempted to overcome with shading on the creature’s body, but could be further improved with more shading and possibly shadows around it to bring it out of the page slightly.

Overall, I believe that this task helped me strengthen my drawing skills and suggested to me that perhaps this is something I should work on before the final exam.


These sketches are to show different tones within shapes. I have shown dark and light examples of cones and spheres to develop my tonal drawing skills and to understand how I could use the pencils in different ways. I also have drawings of parts of a bug, which were again experiments with tones.

The lightest parts of the bug, I have drawn in bright white pencil, and the darkest parts I’ve drawn in black. I have then combined them to show what the bug may look like if I were to draw it in attempt to show its tones. I feel that this task was particularly useful, as allowed me to think more about how I would draw animals further on in my project, and what kind of markings I would use to show the tones.

thumbnail sketch 4