Project Evaluation

I was happy receiving both briefs for this assignment. I feel that designing an identity for my own festival, and working to produce a final outcome to represent it all was an enjoyable thing to do. It allowed me to be creative and to form my own, critical opinions on my work, and the work of others. During this project, I particularly enjoyed working to produce my logo. I feel the logo is the key to where my ideas would be taken. If they didn’t fit with the logo, they wouldn’t work. This is where I felt I could be the most creative as it was entirely up to me to find a starting point to the whole project; it determined my colour scheme, audience, and type of festival.

The designer research also affected my work more than I thought; it gave me ideas of what was successful and what worked well and what didn’t. It also gave me an insight into the different materials that the designer would use to produce the poster. The designer that specifically influenced me was one which produced a design that I found incredibly creative, and really quite amazing. I highly phrase the design as I feel it was what most influenced me in my work as the combination of words and images was the most creative one id seen so far. It featured a shoe lace and shoe, and has a set colour scheme and simple but innovative design. I was particularly influenced by their combination of words and images, which used materials other than digital.

Throughout the project my ideas developed widely. My idea of my final poster at the beginning of the mock assessment was completely different to my final outcome, thankfully. As time during the mock past my ideas developed from being a simple, flat image, to using new materials and photos to produce my poster.
Writing critically and reflectively about my work throughout this project made my understanding of the brief even clearer. I had to look closely at my work which made me realise the things Id failed to include, or things which could be changed or tweaked. Without doing this, I would have missed out on things which were important on the brief, and not realised. This is why I feel that my design does fit the brief, as analysing my project allows me to see what work I’ve produced.
The ideas behind my final design were simply to meet the brief, and include parts of my designer research which I feel I have done successfully.

I also feel my poster clearly combines words and images, as has four examples of this within it and all use a creative process/technique.
Throughout the project colour and scale have been very important. So things which I feel are more important have been placed in bolder colours and enlarged, and things of a lesser importance are smaller and perhaps don’t stand out as much. This is something I have tried to do in each of the designs I have produced.

I have learnt that in graphic design ideas are very important. An idea is where the whole project starts, and without one you can’t get anywhere. Word and image combinations are also a key to success. The more innovative and creatively you can combine these successfully, the better your final outcome will be. This could all be helped by designer research, as I felt this was key to helping my ideas develop within the project.

I feel that my most successful use of words and images would be the main title ‘summer secrets’ made out of a lace, which features on my final poster. I feel that this was the most successful combination of words and images as it is a unique way of making my words, and is completely different to any of my other word and image combinations. It also uses materials outside of photoshop, which is another reason I feel it is the most successful.

If I were to complete this project again i would use a wider range of materials to combine my words and images as I feel that this was a strength within the current project. Something else I would do would be to work more on sticking to my original colour scheme as I feel this was something less successful in my current project.



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