Tonal Drawing

Cat Drawing

This is a drawing of my cat I produced in Photoshop using a wacom tablet. My intention for this piece was to make it as realistic as possible, and to do this I had to work with small details of my image carefully, which although time consuming I feel was worth the effort. To produce this image, I needed a photograph of my chosen animal, so I could produce my drawing. It is a tonal drawing and does not include colours other than grey, black, and white. It is tonal to match my self portrait, and so they can be combined in an easier way.

I used an image of my cat as I felt that this was a familiar face, so would allow my drawing to be more successful.

I am particularly happy with this drawing and feel it was a lot more successful than my self portrait. The reason I think this is because it looks a lot more realistic than the self portrait and has more of a sense of three-dimensionality to it, and therefore does not look as flat as my self portrait. Another thing that I feel went well when producing this image was the ability Photoshop gave me to use layers. Drawing the individual strands of fur, and then being allowed to produce a lighter, underneath layer to my drawing fulfilled the image and stopped any bald areas appearing.

The thing which I feel did not work as well in this image is the ear of the cat as I feel it looks slightly unfinished in comparison to the rest of the cats head. This could easily be improved by adding more fur to the ear, or darker shades of colour. However, the ear I found to be the most difficult part of the cat to draw, due to the darkness of it in my original image. I feel if I were to copy how it looked in the image; it would be more of a complete black triangle than actually being an ear.

Overall, I am happy with this image and feel it could be a successful piece to use later in my project.



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