Combined drawings

This illustration was created on Photoshop using a wacom tablet.  I found this piece particularly hard to design as my cat drawing was very dark in comparison to my pencil self portrait drawing. When combining these two images, I was influenced by an illustrator. The illustrator I was influenced by was one who used a cracked effect to combine the two images. When making this image, I had to decide which parts of each image to erase and which parts to keep. This allowed me to think practically to decide which image would work best with parts cut out, or parts which would overlap the other image. I decided that I felt the cat drawing was more successful than the self portrait, so this was the image that should have the most inclusion in this design. The reason I feel it is more successful is because it is quite realistic in comparison to the self portrait, and the continuous black fur markings make it look more complete than the other drawing.

During the creation of this piece I encountered many failures. For example, the top of my self portrait is non-existent. Where the forehead and hair line should be there is instead a blank space, due to the fact that I didn’t draw the top half of my head. This problem I found very tricky to overcome as it’s hard to work with a part of an image which isn’t actually there. Another problem I had to try and overcome was blending the two faces together. The solution to this problem was looking at the problem from a different angle. I didn’t have to combine the two images by blending them into each other- so instead I looked at the work of illustrators and realised that using their style, I could create almost a mask by placing one image above the other.

Due to the oddly shaped head of the combined images, I don’t particularly like my design. I feel it looks unfinished and out of proportion. However, there are some successes within this piece. Using a lighter opacity, I created a dark line underneath the part where my cat image joins my self portrait. This elevates the image separating it from the self portrait in an attempt to make it in the style of my chosen illustrator. The colours within the self portrait are minimal; however a slight hint of a pale pinkish colour can be seen within the face. This again is to make my design more in the style of my illustrator. I feel this is a success of my design as it brightens up the piece and again creates a division between it and the cat image.

I feel that using a wacom tablet was a good process for creating this image at the brush sizes can be easily changed and the opacity can be manipulated to exactly the right tones needed. For example, when producing the cat image I needed a very dark colour to show each individual strand of the cat’s fur. But, just doing this made the cat appear to have bald patches- which was far from the photo. Using Photoshop allowed me to create a new layer and place it beneath the one with the strands of fur, and use a dark colour with light opacity to create a base coat to the cat’s fur, removing the idea that the cat had bald spots. If I had have used paints, or pencils to produce this image I would have had a lot more difficulty removing this factor, so I am therefore pleased I used a wacom tablet and Photoshop. For my self portrait, I feel I would have been more successful using a wacom tablet, due to the fact I feel my digital drawing is stronger, and I feel the images would have connected better.

Another way to improve my image processes would have been to plan my use of materials and how my images would be combined before I started the piece. Having an original plan I feel that my design would have been a lot stronger, and as I was producing it I would have had a clearer idea of what I wanted the end result to look like.

The quality of my image appears to vary. For example, the top of the head is of a very poor quality due to the obscure proportion of it, and having to force the images to join unnaturally. I also feel that the quality of the pencil drawing is not as good as the quality of the wacom tablet drawing as the lines are fainter and sketchier. To improve the overall quality of my image I would go over the whole thing with the wacom tablet to make it all of the same quality. The image also looks unfinished, lessening its quality and making it not up to a high enough standard to be used professionally.

I feel that my illustration does meet the brief of my project as shows a clear experimentation of how two images can be combines, and explores both the human and animal form.

Next time, I would plan out what I was going to do before getting straight into the task, and make sure both my pieces if work would fit together without missing parts. (I.e. The head of my self portrait)

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 14.05.42.pngScreen Shot 2016-01-14 at 14.09.58.pngScreen Shot 2016-01-14 at 14.21.08.png




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