Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 21.09.59.png

I created this illustration using a Wacom tablet and photoshop. My aim was to show multiple character poses through silhouettes to show the basic movements the character can do.

Whilst making this illustration I encountered many successes and failures. The first failure I encountered was getting the proportion of the head right. Despite having a template to go from, I found it quite difficult to get the head to a shape which looked as if it fitted the body of my character.
Another failure I encountered whilst designing these character poses was giving my character a running theme. What I mean by this, is that it was challenging to make each character pose look like the same character with the same outfit and style. Although I feel despite the difficulty I have successfully managed to achieve this this.
A success I feel in my illustration work was that the poses are clear to view and all demonstrate a different position. This I feel is a success because it was a main part of my original aim.

I feel that I used the most appropriate method to make this piece. Using a Wacom tablet and photoshop allowed me to make errors in my work and erase them quickly and easily creating the illusion that they were never there. Another reason using a Wacom tablet worked well for me was that I feel confident using a Wacom tablet due to having a lot of practice, so therefore this was the correct process to use.

However, a way to improve this process would be to outline my character first. I feel having a bold outline of my character before drawing the silhouette would have given me a clearer idea on the characters stance. This may have helped with understanding the characters proportions and made my final silhouettes more accurate.

The quality of my silhouettes I feel are not great, but for the purpose of this task do not need to be. As they are simply monotone silhouettes they lack any kind of detail, and are only produced to show the possible stances of the character.

I am confident that these illustrations meet the projects brief.


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