Cowan Reflection

Reflect Prior:

For my character design I am aiming to use the ears shown in both the sketches that are below. I feel that these ears are suitable as fit the brief idea of having prominent ears. The hair shown on the silhouettes I feel is less effective, so I am planning to go with the hair that I have used on the other drawing. I feel this fits the brief better, as it clearly shows the idea of having ‘long hair.

Another feature that is shown on both of these drawings is the dark coloured dress. This I feel works well on my design, and adding an antenna (shown in the first picture) makes it more sci-fi.

For my final character development I also want to use a different pose other than the ones I have drawn here. I want to be more experimental with the pose and make it unique to my character. I will therefore have to experiment with different poses until I find the one that fits best with everything else.

Another thing I will use in my final design is the tail idea that is featured in both my silhouettes and other drawing. I feel this gives a clear ‘half animal half human’ look which looks effective and clearly fits the brief.

Try it out:

When trying out a design idea, I found a pose that works well will the tail feature of my character. Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 11.26.58.png

I then added hair to my character, which was taken from a design I had done previously. I feel this fits quite well, and when developed further, can  be made to work better with the pose I have chosen. I tried to add the dress to my character, and found out that this is an area that needs to be worked on. The pose I have chosen makes it tricky to feature a dress, so I may have to re-think my design ideas for the clothing of the character.
Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 11.41.45.png

Another thing I will have to think about when developing my final character is the face, and perhaps the facial expression that the character is pulling. This is important as will also determine the mood they are in. I added eyes to my character as a start to developing the face. I feel that these eyes look effective, but could use further development as are staring in a direction that does not match the position my character is in.Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 15.12.55

In the picture below i have continued to develop the eyes, and started to add a nose to my character. I have also sketched in some whiskers, which along with the tail and ears, give off an animal-vibe. i am planning to experiment with a cats mouth, to see what kind of mouth would work most effectively with my character.

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 15.37.55.png

After sketching in a cats mouth and nose, I have decided to stick with a human face. This is because i feel that my animal and human face combination that i’d previously done was not one of my strong points of this project. To continue with the animal-like look whilst having a mostly human face, I could add claw marks to give off an animalistic nature, or add parts where the skin has been ripped and fur has grown through.

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 15.41.47.png

Next steps:

This drawing has helped me to understand which parts work, and do not work on my character. I will continue to develop my character by explore the positioning of the eyes, and where the pupils are focused, and then move onto looking at how I could include an outfit on my character. I will also develop the hair further, and make it look less stiff and perhaps more natural. When exploring how to develop the face, I will look at the expression of the mouth particularly, as I feel that this will be important to the mood the character gives off. I feel that doing this reflection o my work has helped me to understand how I can take it on further and turn it into a final piece.



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