This is a drawing of an eye I produced on photoshop using a Wacom tablet.Using a photograph of an eye, I traced the outline and then started to add colour into the line drawing. I also used a colour palette to get accurate skin tones, and used the eye dropper tool to find the colour of the eye. When starting to add colour to my drawing I had to think carefully about how I was going to build it up. I started with darker tones and gradually made them lighter and lighter to develop a more life like appearance. I used a dark tone for the base of the pupil as I was planning to add lighter tones on top, to show the finer details. A bright white is used where the light hits the eye, which would be developed further in the final stages of finishing this drawing. To get different tones within this piece I used the opacity tool to layer colours on top of each other, and then used the smudge tool to blend them further.


Although unfinished, I feel this drawing went well as the colours are fairly accurate and I feel the proportions are correct. I feel I have developed my digital drawing skills through doing this drawing as it made me think carefully about the colours and tones I needed to use.I enjoyed producing this drawing as it challenged me to think about the colours and tones that would work effectively in the overall appearance of the drawing. It also allowed me to work quite freely, as I was free to choose the colours and do the drawing in a way which I felt would work best.


Something which I feel didn’t go so well with this project is the various lines that can be seen above and around the eyelid. Rather than having a smooth appearance, the eye almost appears wrinkled which is something I could change in future. Something which I felt went well however, was the proportions of the eye as I feel that the shape is fairly accurate.


From this drawing, I have learnt how to develop my digital drawing further, and understand which colours work effectively with the task set. I feel my digital drawing skills have developed and improved by doing this piece of work. I feel that this experience was very useful as has made me more aware of how to blend colours on photoshop, and I have learnt what steps did not work so well. This drawing was very time consuming and took a lot of patience, despite this it was still an enjoyable thing to do.


Overall I am happy with how my eye turned out and feel if I were to finish this piece, I would have a focused mindset of what needs to be done to improve and develop it further.To do this I would work on blending the colours further, and try to reduce the amount of lines made whilst doing so. I would also start to add some blue and yellow hints into the centre of the eye to build up a more realistic look. I would also create more shadowing by adding darker tones around the right hand corner of the eye, to build up a more three dimensional look rather than having a flat image.

Action Plan:

To reduce the lines around the eye I would use lighter opacities when adding in colour and slowly start to build up colour by layering the colours. I also would work on adding lighter tones into my drawing to show where the light hits the skin around the eye. Furthermore, I would try to add a sense of depth into my image by darkening the fold of the eyelid to make it appear more realistic.


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