How to reference a book

-the author or editors surname and comma

-their initial

-the year of publication, in brackets

-title of text, in italics of quotation marks

-place of publication

-name of publisher

EXMPLE (books)-

Akbar, J (2002) The Rise of the Criminal, London, Oxford Press

Liz, F and Olivia, T (2010) For love and money, London, Laurence king


-Authors surname

-Authors initial

-year in brackets

-Article title in italics

-Available at:

-Web address

-(Accessed: date)

Minchcington, C (May 13, 2006) 15 common mistakes designers make, available at: (Accessed: Monday 20th June 2016)

Steven, R (16th June 2016)


Games, A (1936-1937) Pre-World War 2 Public Information Poster [Screen print] Available at:

Picasso, P (1944)  Bust of a Woman 1994 [Format unknown] Available at:

-Artists last name

-Artists initial

-Year in brackets

-Title of work in italics

-[Format] if known

-Place work resides or website. Available at:




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