Naive mascot

Naïve Mascot: Tony the Tiger
Tony the Tiger is a popular naïve mascot used to advertise Kellogg’s cereal. Generally targeted at children Tony the Tiger encourages the purchase of Frosted Flakes, more widely known as “Frosties”. First seen in in 1951, the concept of Tony has developed over the years starting from a more simpler, sketchier tiger and developing into more of a complex character design.
Generally on Kellogg’s packaging, Tony can be seen standing with a bright red scarf round his neck, contrasting with the orange white and black seen on the rest of his body. He stands tall and has a tall thin waist, and larger torso. This promotes cereal through the way Tony has a healthy appearance through his stance and body, supermarket. The main colours, orange, white and black are colours generally connoted with tigers, and whilst Tony is a cartoon, he may show the buyer that he does have a few realistic tiger aspects.
The general stereotype linked to tigers usually seems scary, intimidating and fierce, so why use a tiger to represent cereal? Although appearing friendly, the idea of using a tiger as a mascot for Kellogg’s cereal suggests the designer wanted the tiger to represent how the product would perhaps persuade the buyer that they would have a build like the tiger once eating the cereal.
Goldsmith, T (1951) Tony the Tiger

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