Assessment 1 unit 3 analysis of brief

The client of this brief is an advertising agency, who have given me the task of creating and banner for a website and a magazine page, both advertising either a sport, or vintage car.

The target market is those who are either interested in cars, a reader of the magazineC or specifically people who would want to purchase a car.

I have chosen to work with sports cars, specifically do using on how they can be presented in a way that makes third appearance greater, and more dynamic, perhaps using another thing to represent it such as animals.

The brief demands that we must produce an advert that visually links to sports, or vintage cars aesthetic. The advert must also show an out of the box idea, be creative and link to past graphic design/art and design movements.
The client requires a webpage banner, and a single magazine page that will be featured in the car magazine.

The constraints of the brief are that the designs must feature both text and image.
I am looking forward to working on this brief as I feel it will challenge me, and allow me to gain experience in taking on tasks I am not confident in.

Based on researching car adverts, I feel I am particularly drawn to the adverts that use animals, and replace the main focus of the car. I feel that these stand out to me as they are unusual and possibly draw in a larger market, for I feel those who are interested in animals may stop to look at the advert. However this is also a risk to the advert, as not picturing the car itself may draw away potential car enthusiasts.

Another idea I have is looking into the background of a particular car. As I work at Cambridge Volvo, I may decide to use a Volvo as my starting point, and use Sweden as a stem for my ideas, as this is where the Volvo was originally from. Or I may choose to look at a particular feature of the Volvo that would strike people’s attention, such as its ability to stop when it senses a person in front of it.


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