Visual Analogy further research

I have done some further research on visual analogies to fully understand the concept and how it is effective in advertising. I firstly found on a website, the definition of what a visual analogy is, particularly in Graphic design. It said: “the operation of a computer presents an interesting analogy to the working of the brain” From this I can understand the link between a computer and a brain, and how they are similar but also dissimilar. This almost shows a contradiction in visual analogies as they are both similar and dissimilar, creating quite a confusing concept. The website I found this information on is listen within my bibliography.

However, I am particularly interested in how visual analogies work in advertising and therefore as part of this research am going to look at some further examples of visual analogies in adverts. This OLAY advert uses a metaphorical concept of comparing your skin to a peach. ‘As smooth as a peach’ presents the idea that once you have used this product, your skin will feel as a peach does; soft. This is a clever way of incorporating a metaphor into advertising, and using a comparison to compare two things that would not usually be considered similar. Additionally, I feel that this advert has been thought about incredibly well, as a peach is not only soft but is also healthy, and this may link into the idea that this product is good for you skin, as is a peach good for your health. The advert is also very simplistic, perhaps to emphasize the metaphorical language that is being used, and to show that the product is advertising nothing but soft skin. I am very fond of this advert for these reasons, and feel the idea of showing an almost blank page with a simple peach in the center of it, drew my focus in further as it enticed me to what the text beneath it said. It is unusual, and defies the stereo typical way of presenting beauty products, which usually involve some form of a woman’s face. A negative point about the advert may be its small typeface, or the blank background as it does not have a very lively setting going on, but personally I like the simplistic aspect to it and feel that this is what makes the advert effective.


Here is another visual analogy I found, advertising BOSCH screwdrivers. This is another advert that takes a simplistic form, and has one main focal point to it, the fly stuck under the nail. It did take a while for me to work out this advert, and I feel that at first it was not obvious as to what it was advertising. Yet I feel this is one of the interesting things about visual analogies, they involve some kind of thought to them. Rather than looking at a poster of a drill, and walking past it knowing its going to be advertising drills without a thought, if I were to see this poster on the streets I feel that I would most likely take a second look as I would not have a clue as to what its about. Adverts like these involve thought to work out what they are advertising, which seem to be an effective way of making people think twice about what they’ve seen. I think this advert is meant to be showing a fly that has got caught under a nail, suggesting that the drill in the lower left hand corner is so powerful and fast, that it has screwed in the nail before the fly has had a chance to move. This emphasizes the drills amazing speed, as flies are incredibly quick.

This could link into my thumbnail ideas in my sketchbook, exploring how to advertise a car without showing a car its self. This advert advertises drills, and although does show a small drill in the lower left hand corner, is so small that I believe the main advert would still work without it. It is simply an example of which drill has supposedly done this work, advertising the product further. This advert also noticeably uses the idea of elaborating upon its point and exaggerating the power of the drill. Perhaps it is supposed to be humerus that the drill has managed to drill in a fly within the screw, and has a comical aspect of how the advert is slightly unbelievable, yet represents the drill well. However, I feel it is a very successful advert and shows how visual analogies can be used very well in advertising.


Within my further thumbnail ideas, I may choose to use some visual analogies as I am very fond of the idea. However, I feel the idea has to be very strong to be successful and therefore involve a lot of thought, and could turn out very badly if the advert was not understood. I feel these two adverts I have looked at have a good balance of making you think about the idea further, but also are not too difficult to understand. Creating this balance I feel may be quite challenging because of this aspect.


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