Why Volvo?

For my car advertisement I know I want to use Volvo as my main brand. I am set on using Volvo due to the fact that I am very familiar with Volvo’s as they have been in my family for years. I also work at Volvo in Cambridge, and therefore will be able to gain a lot of knowledge to help me with this project. To start of my research I have looked into Volvo’s website to see what kind of information may be useful to my project.

I firstly found out about Volvo’s main advertising campaign, which focuses on safety. I feel that safety is very important in cars, and as Volvo have such a high reputation for good safety, it is something I would like to take forward in my project.

One of the main things I came across in my research was the Volvo’s ability to stop without the drivers involvement. This particularly interested me as it demonstrated how a car has the ability to change someones life for the better.



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