Photo Manipulation

Photo Manipulation

Photo manipulation is the altering/editing of a Photograph to either improve it, remove features, or to change the way it looks. For example, many people use photo manipulation to alter their skin, or to remove wrinkles and spots from their appearance. Some forms of Photo manipulation are seen as art forms, and many photographers become famous through the way they manipulate their photos. Photo manipulation has began to become a very popular, and widely known concept through modern day, and has encouraged many young people to edit their photographs to create unrealistic, and fantasy worlds.

Early Photo Manipulation 

Modern Day ‘Photo-shopped Images’

@fetching_tigerss (instagram)

The reason I am additionally looking into Photo Manipulation is because I feel it is a key part in Graphic Design, and I am interested in making my car advert as realistic as possible. An idea I have for my car advert is taking a photograph of the car I intend to use and then taking an additional photo of the scene I want to use for the background of my poster. I feel that Photo Manipulation plays a big part in making the car look as though it is actually in the background I am going to use. I may have to change the colours of the photos slightly so they fit better together, and look realistic.

I feel @fetching_tigerss Photo Manipulation edits are particularly successful as she replaces everyday objects with different things, and is even known to create realistic flying photos.


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