Kate Molloy founded Little Designs Cambridge in 2001 and the company was aimed to be a customer led creative service for Cambridge based companies. Kate helps her clients work to a deadline whilst achieving outstanding and creative results. Kate specifically specializes in branding and print design.

From presenting my ideas to Kate I will get a professional opinion on which idea I should take forward, and an idea on how I should develop it further to make it as successful as possible.

I am producing and presenting my presentation on Prezi, a website which allows me to create a more personal presentation, and allows more personalization than producing a power point would.

I am planning to use a Volvo-themed colour scheme for my presentation, in order to clearly identify the brand that I want my advert to be based around. I would also like the title page of my presentation to be very Volvo-themed to show how Volvo cars are the main idea for my project. To keep Kate interested I will have to know my ideas well, and present them in a formal, and confident manner. In my presentation I am aiming to not read the information just from the screen, but instead elaborate on what they mean, to show I have carefully thought about my presentation in advance and prevent it from boring Kate.

I hope to get from this presentation some feedback that will help me in my further design work. This may involve me asking, and responding to Kate’s questions, in order to get a good understanding of which idea she feels is strongest. I feel that this presentation will be very beneficial to me as it will allow me to get other opinions on my work, and perhaps spot things which could be improved to my designs through presenting it.


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