Idea 3


This is my final idea based on a thumbnail that I chose to develop further. It is another concept that links to propaganda, mainly shown through the colours, typography, and bold statement used. The idea behind this design was to represent a Volvo S90, which is Eco-friendly, and show how it can make you more popular. It shows a man in a suit about to get into his car, whilst another man (specifically a nature enthusiast/RSPB worker) admires the car, as it is Eco-friendly. To develop this idea further, I would have three parts to it, where in which a new animal enthusiast would turn up, admiring the car and wanting to be friends. However, this would take a lot of planning as I feel without an explanation, would be quite hard to show.

I feel that one of the main successes of this design is the typography, as it is large and the bright colour used links to propaganda. Additionally, I feel the illustration of the car is also quite successful as it actually looks like a car, and shows through the shape and style of the car that it is clearly a Volvo.

Whilst doing my research into propaganda typography, I found this example, shown below. It is very simple, and has a sans-serif format. The typography is noticeable due to the red background it is on, showing the effective use of the colour red. This makes the typography eye catching, and stand out from a distance. Based on this, I used the colour red and a sans serif style font for the typography on my poster. To not completely copy this design, I made the type face itself red, and used a lighter colour for its background.


Despite the effective use of colour and font in this ‘love unites’ design, I feel it has a deeper meaning and therefore is not as effective on my poster as its use here. The word ‘love’ has connotations to the colour red, and therefore makes the statement more powerful. This could be a way of developing my design, as I could use connotations to cars and portray it through the lettering I choose to use. This would then link my design into my metaphoric lettering research.

However, I feel this design has many flaws and if I were to take this design further it would need a lot of development. For example, the link to propaganda is very weak, as it is only shown through the typography and therefore this is something that would need to be developed. Additionally, the illustration itself would need to be made a lot neater, as I feel it is still quite sketchy, and I am aiming for more of a professional look. The position of the two men I have drawn also shows faults in the drawing aspect of this piece, as they are positioned slightly above the car, showing them to not be standing on flat ground. This removes part of the realistic aspect I was hoping to show in my car advert.

This design is purely digitally drawn. Using a Wacom tablet to draw this was fairly tricky, and its overall appearance is quite flat. Drawing the car was particularly time consuming, and despite it being quite a strong part of the design, it is very two dimensional, and the lines drawn are not straight. I could have used the line tool in Photoshop to stop the lines looking sketchy, but I felt that it would then be hard to connect the curved parts of the  drawings to these. To make this design more realistic and exciting, I would use Photographs to make up the advert, and then digitally develop these in Photoshop to give my advert the realistic appearance I was going for. Additionally, as I would need more than one photograph to make up this design, I could separately edit these through Adobe Light-room, so they all appear in a similar lighting and fit together as if they were one photo.

 To continue, I feel that the colours and quality of the design are quite weak, as the colour scheme appears random and the design is very sketchy. These particular colours were used with reason however, as the man in the green shirt and brown trousers aim to represent the idea that he is someone very fond of nature, and animals, so I tried to give him quite natural colours to wear as clothing. The man in the suit is a very dull, grey colour showing the idea that he is just a typical businessman, and would otherwise go unnoticed without the amazing new car he has. This could be refined further and more of a colour scheme could be put into place making the design have an overall themed appearance to it.  I also feel a background could be added and the whole advert itself could use with brightening up as at the moment it is quite dull.

I feel I am very critical of this design as it is quite hard to understand without explanation, and therefore would be difficult to develop further. I have learnt from designing this and developing it digitally that this idea is not as successful as my other ideas as it involves a lot of thought to understand what is going on, rather than a straightforward eye catching design. I also feel it lacks advert-like qualities, such as the fact it is landscape rather than portrait, which I feel is quite rare for adverts.


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