Idea 2


This is my second rough digital idea. Like my other designs, it is taken from one of my thumbnails and developed further, and to a bigger scale. The idea behind this design is to show the safety of a Volvo through the car which has stopped just behind the deer. The main things that have changed from my thumbnail design are the perspective, which I have zoomed out further, allowing you to see more of the car, and the size of the car in comparison to the animal. I have chosen a different type of Volvo to put behind the deer, to experiment with how different car types will effect the outcome of the piece. Another drastic change I was hoping to make was the facial expression on the deer face. Originally in the thumbnail, the deer had a normal expression you’d usually see on an animal. It was neither particularly happy or sad, but neutral. The development I tried to show on this piece was the smile that is shown on the deer. However, it is still quite unclear, and is another thing that could be developed further to represent the idea that the deer is happy as the car has not hit it, but in fact stopped before reaching it.

The gradual development of a smile on the deer’s face is something I would count as a success for this piece. Despite only showing a small development, I feel even adding the slightest smile to the deer’s face changes the advert for the better, as it is less likely to evoke fear but to represent the happiness people should feel towards the car as it has the power to reduce collisions and road accidents involving animals. Another success of the piece I feel is the perspective I have used. Like the Toyota Auris advert I had seen from researching car adverts, I have presented the car face on to maximize its potential. As it is face on, it also allows the car enthusiast to see the face, which I feel is the most important part of the car. A further success in this design in the perspective of the deer, as it shows you from the deer’s point of view how it feels about being saved by the car. It could also represent the idea that an animal which is incredibly timid like the deer, feels the confidence to stand in front of the car with confidence, knowing it is completely safe from collision. It could perhaps target animal enthusiasts, as the first thing that is seen on the advert is the deer, and therefore widens the audience.

One of the main failures of this piece I feel is the typography, as I feel it is of a boring composition, and almost takes your eyes off of the main image. However, if I am to take this idea forward I would change the composition and perhaps put it in a place that makes it more interesting. Another flaw in the design is the actual illustration its self, as it is has an unprofessional look. Again this is something I would develop further, and when doing this I would change the illustration of the car to an actual photograph that I have taken, to show the car as it actually is. The image I may choose to edit further additionally, perhaps by slightly changing the colour or giving the appearance that the car lights are on, to highlight the deer further.

My use of materials in this design are purely digital. Digitally drawing the image allowed mt to put things where I wanted them to be, and meant using photographs would come in later refinement. The typography is not hand drawn, and is just a typeface I found on Photoshop. This is another thing I could look into and experiment with further to develop it to the best of my ability.

This idea links to Propaganda mainly through the typography, and message it is displaying. However, this is another link I need to strengthen, as I feel Propaganda messages are usually either inspirational, harsh or shocking. For example, on one Propaganda poster I found the message is as follows: ‘HE’S WATCHING YOU’ This use of capitals shows a sense immediacy, which is found on many propaganda posters. Additionally, the word ‘YOU’ shows a direct approach, and targets people in a more personal way, making them feel as if the advert is particularly aimed at them. This gives me reason to research Propaganda messages, and try to develop my message into a more personal form. Another way my design aims to link to propaganda, is through the actual illustration its self, which is supposed to be shocking, as deer’s aren’t generally seen to be standing in front of a car alive. The colour scheme also shows links to propaganda through the reds and blacks used. However, in further development, I could bring in colours such as blues and maybe yellow for a background to the typography, in the style of propaganda posters.

From developing this idea I have learnt how my work needs more links into my propaganda research, as this is one of the main ways my poster will be noticed, as propaganda is a very well known, and successful concept. I have also learnt that using all illustration for this poster would be very time consuming, especially to give it a realistic look, and that I need to take some photos to use and develop my design.


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