1st Digital Ideascreen-shot-2016-10-03-at-16-00-54

This is my first digital rough idea. It is based on one of my concepts which explores the idea of showing safety through having a hot air balloon in the bonnet of a car. This idea came from my research into Volvo, in which I found out that the Volvo V40 is the only car that has an airbag under its bonnet, which in the incident of a collision, protects and should hopefully stop major damage to the car window screen. I have put the car in a sky background, followed by birds to give the idea that it is flying. This was to show how powerful the air bag is supposed to be. The Hot air balloon I have used in place of an airbag is taken from exploring visual analogies. This allowed me to think of something to replace the airbag with, something which is not usually associated with cars. I feel it still represents the idea of having an airbag under the bonnet, but just exaggerates on what it is like, and the power of its inflation.

I feel the successes of this idea are the the fact that I have used the Volvo logo on the balloon design, clearly representing the company, and the use of Volvo themed colour are used throughout the design. Again, this was in order to clearly represent the brands identity, and to make it memorable. From my research into car adverts, I also found that having a set colour scheme worked well on adverts, as it made the advert memorable, and if the company were to do any further adverting, using a set colour scheme for all their marketing would begin to get them known by the colours they use. Another success of this piece is the use of a sky for the background of the design. This again shows a strong link to visual analogies, as a car is not something that is usually linked to flying, or in this case being seen in the sky. However, although it links into my research of visual analogies, this could also be a flaw in the design.

Firstly, a failure in this design is the use of the sky, as previously stated. The reason for this is because I was aiming for my advert to represent safety, and show how because of its airbag in the bonnet, this car is in fact safer than any other car. Showing it to be flying in the sky is not something that instantly shouts ‘safety’ but in fact, is seen to be more dangerous than if the car were on the road. If I were to develop this, I could always show the car to be just slightly off the ground, which would give it a safer appearance. Another failure in this design is the composition of the car. I feel that the car is at quite a weird angle, which means the balloon covers quite a large part of the car, and therefore does not show off the body of the car well. I feel that changing the angle of the car would improve this, and perhaps if it were to be side on, it would increase the amount of the car we see in the design.

The materials and techniques I used for this design were all Photoshop based. I used an image of my dads car that I had taken on the side of the road, and then the majority of the rest of the design was drawn on Photoshop using a Wacom tablet. The design is very un-neat and sketchy, and if were to be developed further, I would neaten up and hopefully make much more realistic. This could be done by the use of photographs, and I therefore would need to photograph things such as a hot air balloon, and the sky, to piece together my image. The images would also need to be edited further, linking into my digital manipulation research, as I would have to tweak the balloon to make it the colours of Volvo brand, and attach it to the photograph of the car making them seem as if they were originally one image. This would have to be done carefully, as I want my advert to look as professional as possible. To do this on Photoshop, I would have to use things such as the Eraser tool, or Lasso tool to remove excess parts of the image that I don’t want. I would also use the ‘Replace colour’ tool, found in Adjustments, to make the balloon the correct colours for my advert.

I have learnt that this design has more weaknesses than strengths, as I find it hard to represent safety through a flying car. Despite being refined to this point, I feel that this would be one of my weaker ideas to take forward to develop as my final outcome.


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