Many people in the world today are car enthusiasts, and in fact have been around for a long time. Every car enthusiast has their own personal opinion on the hottest cars of the year, and favorites which are perhaps shared among other people. Generally the typical car enthusiast will be male, who perhaps ages from eighteen up wards. However, it is understood that there are also many female car enthusiasts, therefore meaning they cannot be generalized, it is just seen in the media that men are usually more interested in this subject matter. TV programmes such as top gear have a huge influence on the generalization of car enthusiasts, as the presenters are all male.

Presenting my ideas to car enthusiasts will allow me to gain first hand knowledge of what they like and dislike about my ideas for my advert. Specifically allowing them to view my ideas will be very beneficial to me, as I will be able to develop an understanding of what they like to see in a car advertisement.

To visually present my ideas to the audience, I am going to produce a sheet which shows off my ideas. To get the most use out of this, I am aiming to use colours which reflect my idea, such as blues blacks and greys- all colours which are used by Volvo. Additionally, darker colours are usually used to represent modern/sports cars, so this is another reason why I feel that these colours would be effective to use.

To keep the target markets interest visually, I am aiming to make my presentation sheet appear quite professional, as I feel that this is quite important. Displaying my work in an un-neat way may make it less appealing visually and may make the audience dislike it.


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