Slogans/Advert Titles


Some of the most well known slogans in advertising are as follows;

  • Just do it! (Nike)
  • I’m lovin’ it (McDonald’s)
  • Have it your way (Burger King)
  • Melts in your mouth, not in your hand (M&Ms)
  • Get The London Look (Rimmel Cosmetics)
  • Redbull Gives You Wings (Redbull)

For my car advert, I am researching slogans as I feel that they are a interesting part of an advert, and it is something which I feel works incredibly well in advertising. Out of the slogans I have listed, I particularly like the M&Ms slogan, as I feel it is an exact description of their product, but is short, snappy and memorable. Through very few words, the crispy shell of an M&M is described, along with the chocolate center. This is an ideal slogan for their product, however, before researching slogans I had never heard of it before. I feel I will remember the slogan from now on, but can’t be on a lot of their advertisements as I can recall the adverts but not the slogan. I feel that the inclusion of the slogan on all their products is something that is very important, as it adds to your ability to memorize it. For example, Nike’s slogan ‘Just Do It’ is incredibly well known, and is something I can recall being on the majority of their adverts. This shows success in the slogan, as it serves a purpose. However, the slogan does not describe Nike’s specific products, and is therefore a slogan I am not that fond of.

The list below is a list of car advertisement slogans. They each have very individual qualities to them and hold different meanings based on the cars they represent. From the list bellow, I feel my favorite slogan would be ‘Born to perform’ by Jaguar. The reason this is my personal favorite is due to the aspect of rhyming used within the phrase.

A lot of these slogans also incorporate some kind of English language technique, as Jaguar has demonstrated, Rhyming being one. Another which includes rhyming is Ford. Rimmel Cosmetics’ slogan demonstrates an example of using the technique of liquid sounds in their slogan. ‘London Look’ is a sound connoting quick, light movement suggesting that with their product it is quick and easy to get the ‘London Look’. This shows how when looked into further, slogans have a lot of thought behind them to hold as great a meaning as they do in adverts.

  • Born to perform
  • Sheer driving pleasure.
  • Never Follow
  • Everything We Do is Driven By You
  • Volvo Cars
    Advertising slogan: Volvo. For life.
  • Jeep cars
    Motto: –Jeep There’s Only One

What I learnt during my research was that short, snappy slogans are the most effective. For example, the slogan ‘What happens here stays here’ from Las Vegas has become one of the most well known slogans in the world. However, if the slogan were to say ‘What happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas, it may not have been as popular. Additionally, I found that consistency is another key factor to a successful slogan. For example, Nike’s continuous use of their slogan is what has made it successful, and other examples include Pro Carpet Cares’ green centered advertising, in which their slogan is ‘Your Greener Cleaner’, followed along by green colours and a leaf on their website. This type of consistency gives the brand a memorable image, and is a good marketing material.

For my slogan, I would like to incorporate some sort of technique to make my slogan as successful as possible. I particularly like the idea of including rhyme and feel this would be an effective technique if used in my slogan as its catchy and easily understood.

My Slogan

The first thing to think about when coming up with my slogan is what it is advertising. The whole theme of my project is based around car safety, particularly in Volvo’s. Therefore, I want my slogan to have something to do with safety in order to fit with the rest of my project.

In my thumbnail sketch and refined digital idea, the main text on my car poster was ‘THE POWER OF STOPPING’ I feel that this could be developed further as it is a very obvious idea, and I feel it is a bit too direct, as I still want the audience to be intrigued as to what the poster is about.

In my sketchbook is a mind map I made looking into my slogan ideas, and a page developing the idea into my slogan.


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