Final Evaluation of the Project

The Brief

The brief was to make a magazine page and website banner adverting either a modern or vintage car. I felt that this brief was going to challenge me and therefore I was quite looking forward to this project. I knew all along that I wanted to use a Volvo for the main car in my advert and therefore it was evident to me that my advert was going to be based around modern cars straight from the start of the project. I approached this project by gathering as much information as I could on the particular car brand I was advertising, as I wanted my advert to be accurate and realistic. I collected things such as Volvo brochures and looked particularly into the safety of the car. This was what I planned to base my advert around.

My final concept was a deer standing in front of a Volvo. It was a three part advert, with the words ‘IntelliSafe, all lives matter’ spread between three posters. Each poster featured a different animal standing in front of the car representing the idea that the Volvo car is the only car fitted with IntelliSafe; a device to make the car stop before a collision is caused. These words were therefore meant to show the fact that even the lives of the animals matter, and thanks to the Volvo they are safe when crossing the road.

I reached my final concept after lots of research. Each bit of research I did added to my ideas, and changed my mind about different things. Additionally, having feedback from a Graphic designer, and car enthusiasts influenced my decision making massively, as I learnt where the weakest parts of my ideas were and how they could be improved, based on not only my own self judgement.

My research was critical to the final outcome of my advert. Researching car adverts helped me work out the angle I wanted my car at, researching the car brand itself helped me to understand how to present the cars features suitably, and influenced the statistics at the bottom and side of my poster. Furthermore, my research of different movements in art/graphic design helped influence my design, as I found that Propaganda would work the best on my poster after experimenting with lots of different ideas based on this research. The reason I found Propaganda to be the most successful was down to many factors, but one of the main ones being that it is a powerful way of conveying a message. I felt that Propaganda was very useful in showing two different sides to things, such as which side you should take in the war, or whose side you should take when watching The Hunger Games movie. This allowed me to think that it may be a useful concept in showing the animals side to a car accident, with the opinion that their lives are just as important as the drivers. This again could be a controversial message within itself, as some people may disagree, and therefore using Propaganda to demonstrate that animals lives matter too, may evoke some kind or reaction, which in the real world would get a poster noticed.

I feel that my final concept does fully meet the brief. I looked at colours in modern car adverts and tried adding this to my own, and made sure my advert links to the brief’s description of ‘modern car advert’. Researching modern Volvo’s helped with this as I feel it allowed me to gain a knowledge of modern day cars in particular, focusing on the specific features they have, that a vintage car wouldn’t have.

I am quite happy with my final poster as I feel it has come far since the original thumbnail design. I feel it has been developed and developed again changing its strengths and weakness’ throughout the project. One of its main strengths I feel is the cars lights which separate it from the dark background behind it. This is something I may not have thought of, but based upon my original car advert research where I looked at a Toyota Yaris, this idea came to me, this shows how the research I did to get to my final outcome was critical. I feel this was a success purely based on the separation it creates between the back and the foreground, and helps to remove the flat quality of the image. Another success I feel is the animal Illustrations I produced. Not only were they a time consuming process, but they were also particularly tricky to draw, and I am overall quite happy with how they have turned out.

To improve my designs further, I would perhaps use Photographs instead of illustrations for the animals. This would make the advert more realistic, and perhaps look slightly more professional. Furthermore, although I am quite happy with how the typography has developed due to the amount of research I did on it, I feel this is another thing that could be changed. Despite its link into Propaganda, I don’t like how it appears on the poster and feel that it may even benefit from even more refinement. It could even be developed into metaphoric lettering instead, as I feel that the tree branches at the top of the page could even be manipulated into the shape of words, and may look quite nice in the design. This would give it quite a natural appearance, which would link into the animals and scenery behind the car well. However, this would perhaps give a more Eco-friendly vibe, which is not what I wanted my poster to represent.

Throughout the whole project, I feel my successes lied in the amount of research I did into Volvo. This allowed me to understand what kind of message I wanted to portray straight from the start of the project. Furthermore, another success in this project I feel was my final design as I feel this has developed a lot from the original thumbnail idea.

I could have improved my time management, as I feel towards the end of the project I had a lot to do. This is something I will try to improve on my next project.

 From this project I have learnt how a graphic design brief works and how a lot of research helps towards the final outcome. I have also learnt how difficult it is to incorporate my own ideas and the ideas of others, such as my target audience and Kate’s ideas. I feel this project has taught me a lot about car advertisements.

I feel more confident in receiving another brief and feel that this project has taught me how high demand graphic design work can be. In my future projects I feel I will have a lot clearer of an idea as to how the layout of receiving a brief works.


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