Project Photos

These are some photographs I have taken o use for my project. The photographs vary from action-shot photos, to scenery photos, to photographs of a lizard. The action shot photos I have taken to use for my gym goers fruit juice packaging. These I feel represent the idea that the fruit juice is specifically designed for people who enjoy sports, and therefore using action shot photos show the energy that the gym goers would get out of this drink.

Like this, I have taken photos of landscapes. These landscape photos could additionally be used for the packaging of gym goers juice drinks, as I have mainly photographed city-scapes which I feel could be adapted to show places that runners would go.


I feel that this photograph of a city scape would be particularly useful for advertising a drink that is suitable for runners, because I feel that this is the type of environment that is used in running advertisements.


This photograph of a rock is again a place I feel that is suitable for runners, and therefore this photo could be used in the packaging for a gym goers inspired fruit juice.


These lizard photos I took with the intention of using them for a family inspired  fruit juice packaging. With these photos as guidance, I intend to make a mascot, to make my packaging design more appealing to children. I feel mascots also help make the packaging more recognizable, as they are usually used as a main part of the packaging, which is something I am hoping to do.



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