The images above are some examples of mascots used to advertise food. Three out of four of the images are animals, and the other two are cartoon style people. I feel that the animal mascots are the strongest mascots, as generally children are drawn and interested in animals so I feel that using an animal mascot for my project would be effective.

BBC Children in Need Mascotpudsey-mascot

This is an example of a very well known mascot, known as ‘Pudsey Bear’. He was designed in 1985 by the BBC Graphic Designer Joanna Lane. Pudsey’s design is based on ‘Sooty’ a well known TV character that dates years back.


Inspiration for my project

The original inspiration for my project came from my research in which I explored children’s/family fruit juices. During this, I found the children’s tea ‘Drazil’. This inspired me to use a lizard within the packaging of my fruit juice, so I therefore looked at the use of lizard mascots. When exploring this, I found that not many companies use lizards within their branding, which was even more of an incentive to me to incorporate a lizard in the packaging of my fruit juice. I feel the vibrant colours of the lizard  would represent the fruit well, as the colours link into the fruits and give the lizard a healthy appearance. The lizard could be of green colours the represent apples or of orange colours to represent oranges.


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