In the style of drawings evaluations


In the style of Sarah Beetson:

In this piece I was aiming to copy the childish style that follows through all of Sarah Beetson’s work. I particularly aimed to copy the bright colours and fine lines she uses, along with the various paint-like splatters she shows in her work.

The mood of Sarah Beetson’s work is very lively, which is what gives it a childish appearance. This I hoped to convey through my ‘in the style of’ drawing. I feel that this piece was quite successful, as the colours are bright and have direct links to the specific colours Sarah Beetson showed to use in her piece of artwork.

Additionally, the use of a Biro pen to draw in fine lines was effective in conveying the fruit I had chosen to draw in a Sarah Beetson style. However, this piece could be improved by using paints to create more of a random splattered effect, having a closer link to this artists work. The reason I feel this is because the pen splatters in my piece of work feel very forced, as I chose where to put them, and feel if paint were used, a technique could be applied to give the work more of a messy look, with further links to Sarah Beetson’s original artwork.

This particular style is something I feel would have more links to a family fruit juice, as the childish nature of it would suit families with younger children. Furthermore, the bright colours is again something which would be more appealing to children, and I feel the design would need more sophistication if it were to appeal to gym goers.


In the Style of Derrick Greaves:

In this piece of work I was aiming to convey the basic shapes Derrick Greaves uses within his work. The artists work shares angular and rounded shapes which are composed in an overlapping style to make up the basis of his work. Additionally, by using similar colours to those which Greaves used, I was aiming to create a piece of work which had clear links to his.

I feel that by using these colours, I was able to create a piece of work which has clear links to Greaves, and was overall quite successful. I feel the simplicity to my design was key, as Derrick Greaves does not over complicate his design but shows it to be very simplistic. Another reason I feel I was quite successful in creating an ‘in the style of’ for this artist was because I stuck to using similar shapes that the artist used, helping my piece of work to have clear links.

Despite its obvious links to the artist, I feel there are many ways that this piece of work could be improved. For example, the first way it could be improved is through my personal response to the artists work, as I feel in ways the design is very similar, and to improve, could be a more personal response by using a different fruit to the one used by Greaves and different shapes to give the work more individuality. By doing this, I would still include links to the artists work, but would additionally show more of a personal style. Another way that this design could be improved is through the apple that I have drawn. Drawn in Photoshop, I feel that this apple has very rough edges to it, which are not in the style of the artist. This could be improved by producing the apple in illustrator, allowing me to get more of a rounded edge to the piece of fruit.

I feel that this style could be used for both a family product as well as a gym goers product. The reason I believe it could link into family packaging, is through the simplistic shapes which would be easily understood by children, resulting in a childish nature. However, these simplistic shapes could also be used in gym goers fruit juice packaging, as idea of having minimal detail has a sense of sophistication to it.


In the style of Georgiana Paraschiv:

In this piece I was mainly aiming to copy the artists colour scheme, tone, and lines used. To do this I looked closely at the colour scheme used, and how the colours had been blended together to show a smooth appearance. Furthermore, to maximize links to the artist, I looked at the composition of the piece and the angles that the fruit was placed at, and attempted to convey this in my work.

I feel that I was quite successful in doing this, as I didn’t copy the colours that the artist used completely, but adapted them to suit the type of fruit I was drawing. I also used a slight black outline which is what the artist did in the piece of work I was looking at. I noticed how the artist had not outlined the shape entirely, but had only used black for certain edges of it. This I aimed to reproduce to show links to the artist. Additionally, using a block colour for the background is again something I feel has clear and successful links to the artist, as this is something Georgiana Paraschiv has done within her work.

To improve this visual recording I would re-draw the black line that is around part of the apple, as there is a slight part of it which gives it a un-neat look, as though I have drawn ‘out of the lines’. To continue, I would also change the stalk of the apple, making it more complex and adapting it to more than one colour, as I feel it is very basic with minimal links to the artist.

I feel that the colours used in this piece give it quite an interesting look, one of which would suit gym goers, based on the idea that the colours do not match the actual colour of the fruit, suiting more of a sophisticated audience.


In the style of Andy Warhol:

To show the style of Andy Warhol in my work, I was aiming to use a similar sense of line, and shape to produce my ‘in the style of’ drawing. Additionally, I aimed to use colours similar to the ones used by the artist.

I feel I did this quite successfully, as I feel that my Photoshop drawing has clear links to the artwork produced by the artist. For example, the overlapping block shapes that I have used within my work have clear links to the artist, and have been composed in a way which the artist had done. Furthermore, the block colour background is something which was included in Andy Warhol’s work, along with the fine black lines drawn.

Despite these links to the artists work, I feel that this ‘in the style of’ piece is not as strong as some of the others I have produced. The reason I think this is due to the drawings of the oranges which has been produced in a fine black brush on Photoshop. Although not the medium that makes this part of the design weak, I feel that the drawing its self is not as lifelike as the ones Andy Warhol produced, and there should be more fine black lines included to give the drawing a fuller appearance.

This sketchy style I feel is something which would have more links to a family packaging, as the un-neat quality of the drawing does not appear professional enough to use in a gym goers packaging. I feel that going to the gym, or any type of sport is something which is usually taken fairly seriously, and this design does not convey a serious enough tone to represent this.


In the style of Roy Lichtenstein:

To convey a Roy Lichtenstein style within my work I aimed to use the simplistic shapes that he used within his art work, and additionally stick to the colour scheme seen in his piece.

I feel I was very successful in doing this, however my piece of work therefore lacks individuality and does not show off my artistic style. Linking into Roy Lichtenstein’s work, I feel that my ‘in the style of’ drawing is very successful. Firstly, the inclusion of the same colours and shapes that were used by the artist allow my work to show it was inspired by Roy Lichtenstein’s particular style. The striped background is additionally something which worked well in this piece and gives the design clear link to the artists work.

Despite feeling very happy with the outcome of this design, I feel it could be adapted further to give it more of an individual, and personal style to me, still with the inclusion of links to Roy Lichtenstein. Another improvement that could be made is the bowl in which the fruit is placed in, and I feel a neater, but more complex style could be shown, giving it further links to the part of the artists work which appears hand drawn.

The bright colours and bold shapes make me feel that this design would suit a family style fruit juice rather than gym goers. Attracting children, the bright colours may entice the children to try the drink, making it more suitable for a family.

Screen Shot 2017-01-02 at 21.21.41.png

In the style of Caroline Church:

To convey a Caroline Church style drawing I aimed to just use a black brush on Photoshop for the whole design. Additionally, the dotted appearance of the design is something I wanted to reproduce within my own work, as I feel that this is something which would give my drawing key links to the artist.

I feel that I was very successful in doing this, as my design is very similar to the one produced by the artist. The dotted effect I have used in place of shading gives clear links to the artists style, with the bold outline linking into this. The fruit is not filled with shading, and shows white gaps between the dots, giving as many links to the artist as possible.

To improve the design, it could be more personal to me, by perhaps changing the shape of fruit or using a different colour to draw the fruit in. This would still show links to Caroline Church, whilst also making the drawing more of a personal response on my behalf.

Th realistic approach that this style has gives it more of a serious look, making it suited to gym goers. Whilst the use of monotonous don’t suggest the fruit juice will make you make you thrive, the detailed approach shown here gives it a mature, practical look. This design could easily be adapted, by using a wider variety of colours to suit gym goers more, with the allusion that the drink will give you a positive, healthy outlook on life, with the different colours symbolizing the pureness of the drink.


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