Fruit Juice Refined Recordings

 Refined Recording 1

Target audience: Families

Style: Sarah Beetson

Screen Shot 2016-12-01 at 15.28.44.png

This flamingo was painted in watercolours, and then combined with a watercolour background in Photoshop. The paint splatters have link to the work of  Sarah Beetson, as she has quite an experimental approach to her work. I themed this painting with a pink colour, not only to link into the flamingo further but if I were to take this design forward and use it in my fruit juice packaging it could be used to represent the flavor of the juice, the dark and light pink colours symbolizing either a cherry, or raspberry flavor. I also feel that quite a themed approach to this packaging design gives it a more interesting, and appealing appearance as the colours work well together.

The target market for this piece was families, as I feel the use of an animal is something which has more relevance to families, than to gym goers. A flamingo is an animal most likely seen at a zoo, which is stereo typically a family place to visit, as a lot of children take interest in animals. Additionally, using this animal in my packaging design would make the appearance of the packaging its self quite vibrant, as the bright pink colours stand out joyfully. To appeal to this market, I planned to use bright colours such as these as I feel they would make the product more noticeable, making it stand out against other brands of fruit juices. I feel through this painting, I have quite successfully appealed to the target market, through the imagery and colours used. However, to make this link to the target market even more, I feel the design could be a bit more complex, making it more interesting, perhaps by including the rest of the flamingos body, or giving it a sense of background.

Refined Recording 2

Target audience: Families

Style: Sarah Beetson

Screen Shot 2016-12-01 at 15.28.07.png

This Toucan painting is of a similar style to the flamingo painting, as it was painted in watercolours following a Sarah Beetson style. It has additionally been edited in Photoshop to make the image more refined, adding additional paint splatters, and making the Toucan its self more prominent. I feel that using Photoshop to refine the Toucan further allowed me to make it appear more realistic, and develop parts of it such as its eye which gave it a brighter appearance.

This deign aims to appeal to the target market of families as it is bright and colourful which I feel demonstrates more of a family orientated design. Additionally the use of an animal within the design I feel has more links to families, due to the stereotypical trips to the zoo that many families undergo. Using a toucan for the focal point of this design is something which also has less links to a gym goers product, as a toucan is generally known for its bright colours, rather than its strength- something which I feel makes it link into a family style target market.

To develop this design further, I feel that elements of fruit (specifically oranges to represent the orange flavour of the drink) could be scattered around the toucan, making it a more intricate piece of work, and perhaps bringing a sense of three dimentionality to it. Additionally, the toucans body appears very prominent in the design as I have further edited it with a Wacom tablet, which makes it appear slightly detached from its beak, as this I have left as it originally was. By editing the beak in Photoshop, I feel that I could make the toucan stand out more prominently from the background as a whole.

I am quite happy with the medium I used to create this piece with, as I feel that the watercolour paint demonstrated my knowledge of Sarah Beetson’s style quite well, and allowed me to convey this through my work.

 Refined Recording 3

Target audience: Families

Style: Sarah Beetson/ Georgiana Paraschiv

Screen Shot 2016-12-01 at 15.28.15.png

This repeated avocado design is in the style of both Georgina Paraschiv and Sarah Beetson. The repetitive nature of the avocado shown here takes more of Paraschiv’s style of work, whilst the occasional paint splatter alludes to Sarah Beetson’s work. I used a mixture of watercolour paint and digital drawing to develop this a avocado study, as the watercolours allowed me to develop a splattered paint design which linked into one of my artists, whilst duplicating the a acorns on Photoshop allowed me to develop it into the style of the other.

The parts of this piece of work I am not so fond of is the simplicity to it, as despite the frequent paint splatters, the design appears fairly flat as has not much sense of background and foreground. Furthermore, as the design has such a set colour scheme, once put onto a fruit juice carton, the avocados may become harder to distinguish from a distance, as there is not much of a variety of colour.

Like many of my other designs, I stuck to using a colour scheme with this piece of work to show a particular flavour of drink. I feel that this additionally helps to show the target market of the drink, as the avocado is used to represent the idea that the drink is healthy, something which would be encouraged in families. Despite my attempt to show the target market through this, it is still not completely clear which target market this drink intends to interest. This is something that if  I took this design forward, could be developed further by making the target market more obvious, perhaps by including something as well as the avocados.

Overall, I like how this design has turned out as I am fond of the repetitive style used within it, and therefore I feel it has clear links to my artist research.


 Refined Recording 4

Target audience: Families

Style: Sarah Beetson


This toucan and flamingo style design was created using Watercolour paint and a Wacom Tablet. I combined both my two original watercolour paintings in order to create something with a more interesting design, furthering its appeal to the family market. I used a colourful, rainbow inspired background in order to brighten up the piece, which in ping so would allow me to class this juice drink as “tropical flavoured” if I were to develop it further. Using two different types of birds again helps to convey this, along with the slices of watermelon that I have placed around them.

Despite using a combination of two different pieces of artwork together, the artist influence has become no greater than it was in the individual images, as it only shows Sarah Beetson’s style through the paint splatters, and vibrant colours. However I feel if further artist influence were to be added, the design may become over complicated, lessening it’s link to the target market, and giving the piece more of an unclear focal point.

I am confident that this design links to the target market due to these factors, and therefore am happy how the design has turned out.I additionally feel that this design is one of my designs which is most relevant to the brief, as I feel that it clearly demonstrates a family orientated style. Researching target markets has greatly helped me with this design as I feel that it has allowed me to understand the type of designs that would be appealing to families, as I found from my research that animals are something which are greatly used in family packaging design, so this is something I wanted to use within my work.

Despite this, there are still some elements of this piece of work that I feel could be changed and developed further. For example, the Toucans torso appears quite unrealistic, due to the White feather effect which appears outside of the black line. I feel that this would need to be neatened up if it were to be used further. To continue, I feel that there is an obvious contrast between the Toucan and Flamingo, as the Flamingo is more opaque than the Toucan, giving the Toucan more emphasis on the design, as it stands out further than its partner bird.  This shows that the Flamingo could be edited further with a Wacom tablet, to lessen its blending with the background and give it a fuller appearance.

Overall, I am happy with the design as I feel it has a strong link to the target maker to, which is something I was aiming for.

 Refined Recording 5

Target audience: Families

Style: Sarah Beetson

Screen Shot 2016-12-01 at 16.44.54.png

This design was created using Watercolour Paint and a Wacom Tablet. It is my original Flamingo painting, which I have duplicated to create a mirrored design. Again this design has a set colour scheme, which could be used to represent a strawberry or raspberry flavoured drink. I have used the inclusion of two raspberries to further desmonstrate this idea.

The main link to my artist research is shown through the paint splatters in this design, a lot like the ones I have used in other pieces of work. This shows that the design does not have too much link to my artist research, but instead has quite an individual, personalised style to it.

The use of a variety of pink colours in this design show it to have quite a feminine theme, which despite the idea that it may discourage a male target audience, it can work in favour for a family style drink. The strong pink and reddish colours allow the design to  have connotions to live, along with the love heart shaped used. This makes the design suitable for families as it could connote a loving family, or the unity that families have amongst them. This is the main message conveyed within the artwork.

The main focal point of the image is the love heart shaped flamingos which take up the majority of the space within the design. The negative space featured is covered in paint splatters, making the design appear fuller in attempt to make the negative spaces less noticeable. I feel to improve this design, a background could be included to remove these spaces, which would give the design an even more vibrant look.

Overall I am quite happy with this design, but feel that a sense of background should be added if the piece were to be developed further, as I feel that if placed on a juice carton, the pale background may make the design appear less effective.

 Refined Recording 6

Target audience: Families

Style: Caroline Church

Screen Shot 2016-12-01 at 20.25.24.png

This is another design I created with Watercolour paint and Wacom Tablet. This design was very time consuming, as I aimed to get an outcome similar to Caroline Church’s work by using a dotted effect. Despite this, I felt that the the monotony that the piece had to it made it appear less interesting, and therefore decided to give it a Sarah Beetson inspired effect. I feel that using a Wacom tablet allowed me to convey Caroline Church’s style quite well, as her artwork is fairly precise, which is something a Wacom tablet and Photoshop allowed me to do, as I was able to zoom into specific parts of the drawing.

The original aim for this design was to make it into a mascot, which would need a lot more further development if it were to become this. However, I wanted this design to be fairly realistic, as I feel that Caroline Church’s drawings are quite realistic, and this would further help to show the influence her work has had on my drawing.

The main focal point of this piece is in fact the lizard itself, which makes it harder to determine an exact focal point due to the complexity of the dots included within the lizards torso. I am particularly happy with the way the dotted effect has turned out, as it makes the design look quite intricate and has a sense of sophistication to it.

I feel as the main focal point of the design is in fact the lizard, this appeals to the target market quite well, as animals are often seen by families on days out. Additionally, despite the appeal children have to animals, I feel that the detailed design it has been drawn in helps appeal to adults also, as the design is quite sophisticated.

To develop this piece into a final outcome, I would continue to work on the lizards body, creating a more whole piece rather than just the head. I would also continue to try to develop it into quite a realistic piece, as I feel that this has worked well so far, but overall I am happy with the design.


 Refined Recording 7

Target audience: Families


This design was created with Oil Pastels and a Wacom Tablet. I use oil pastels and scanned my design into the computer to work with a different range of media to develop more of an experimental outcome. I found working with oil pastels fairly tricky, and quite a time consuming process.

This design does not have links to the artists I’ve explored and therefore has a lot of development that could be undergone if it as taken forward to use leading up to one of my final pieces. To add this influence, I could add some block shapes in to give it a Derrick Greaves type of style, or even duplicated more of the design symmetrically to link into Georgiana Paraschiv’s artwork. Despite the lack of artist influence, I am quite happy with this design as I feel the bold bright colours give it quite a healthy appearance, which would be goo for using on fruit juice packaging. These bright colours could possibly show influence from Sarah Beetson, as her work generally takes quite a bright appearance.

The main focal point of the artwork is most likely the stacked up apples which appear almost in the centre of the piece. These were added in slightly later on Photoshop to give the design more links into fruit, an more specifically healthy eating, as I feel this is something encouraged widely across different families.

If I were to take this design forward the main improvement I would make to it is the inclusion of more of my artists style, however I feel this piece is a clear demonstration of my own style.

I feel that this piece of work does link to the brief, however it does not have a particularly strong link. The target market is not shown very obviously, as the healthy eating aspect that I tried to demonstrate in this piece is additionally something which can be used to advertise gym goers products. Again this is something which would need development if the design were to be taken forward.

 Refined Recording 8

Target audience: Families

Style: Georgiana Paraschiv

Screen Shot 2016-12-01 at 21.05.44.png

This piece of work was created with coloured pencils, pens (pro markers) and a Wacom Tablet. It has a slight, but not great link to Georgiana Paraschiv’s work through the repeated apples placed within the rectangle in the centre of the design. Following a natural theme, this design aims to show the natural sources that the drink may come from, and the idea that it is incredibly healthy.

I feel hat this links into families quite well, as the inclusion of an animal is something I found is popular amongst children’s drinks, whilst the natural forms behind it are something more sophisticated,and therefore perhaps appealing to an older market, hopefully targeting a family unit.

This piece is quite complex and includes little negative space, therefore could be seen to have many focal points, however I feel the min one is the butterfly, due to the striking red colour amongst the greens in the background.

Overall I am quite happy with this design, but feel that the composition and landscape appearance it has may make it hard to use on a drink carton. This would need to be developed if it were to be used further, by perhaps creating a clearer focal point and re positioning the background within Photoshop.

 Refined Recording 9

Target audience: gym goers

Style: Sarah Beetson


This design was created with Watercolour Paint and a Wacom Tablet. The idea behind the design was to show an object linked into sport along with some fruit to advertise the idea that it is a sport juice. Despite this clear idea I had to this piece I feel it is quite an obvious thing to go with, and not particularly very experimental, and therefore could use  lot of development to it.

The artist influence is one I have used often within this project, which is the paint splatters to allude to the work of Sarah Beetson. Without these paint splatters I feel that the design would be less effective, as they bring more colour into the piece, making it more appealing. Additionally, these paint splatters almost act as parts of the drink, giving the illusion that the orange located on top f the tennis racket has been squeeze though the gaps between the strings, and the juice has dripped down underneath it.

I am not very  fond of this idea as although it has an obvious link to the gym goers market, and the brief through the appearance of the tennis racket, I feel it is quite boring, and the watercolour background used does not liven up the piece like I wanted it to.

 Refined Recording 10

Target audience: gym goers

Style: Derrick Greaves

Screen Shot 2016-12-04 at 21.31.41.png

This design was made using a Wacom tablet. I created this design after learning that my first gym goers design, based on a tennis racket and orange, was quite an obvious idea, and so I decided to think of something more outside the box for my next idea. The idea behind the design was the featuring of a Bull, an animal particularly seen for its strength and anger, and using it alongside fruit to show how the drink will metaphorically give you the strength of the bull.

The artist influence can be seen in the green rectangular shapes that are use showing a similar style to Derrick Greaves’ spaces that he uses amongst his work. Furthermore, a few splatters of paint are also featured which give this design links into Sarah Beetson’s work.

I quite like this design, as I feel that it is a development from the first sport related refined drawing that I produced as it uses a more interesting concept. However, I am not happy with how the bull looks, and feel that it could be a lot more realistic if it were to be developed further.

The form and composition of this piece is quite unusual, and as the design is landscape rather than portrait, I fee it may be tricky to include on a juice carton.

The inclusion of watermelon on this piece I feel works well with the design, and helps convey the idea that the bull is strong, as red is a typical colour seen in a bull fight. The red colour also brightens up the piece, and makes it appear less dull, as it would have if the watermelons were not featured. Overall I am fairly happy with the colour scheme, as the green background helps portray a watermelon flavoured drink.

 Refined Recording 11

Target audience: gym goers

Style: Georgiana Paraschiv


This design was created using a Biro pen and Wacom tablet. I scanned in the pen drawing, an developed it using the Wacom tablet by adding a slight bit of colour to it to make it appear as though it is more realistic. I am quite happy with the mediums I used for this piece s I feel that using a combination of traditional drawing and a Wacom tablet, my drawings turned out to be quite realistic, like I was aiming for.

I am particularly fond of this design and I feel that its repetitive style works quite well, as it gives the piece of work more links into my artists research, as well as eliminating negative space, and making the piece look fuller.

I feel that this piece of work clearly links into gym goers, and the apples feature along with the colour scheme of the design show the flavour of the drink, which is something I was aiming to show quite clearly.

This design does not have much of a clear set focal point, due to the duplication of the drawings. There is an equal amount of negative space between the apples giving the piece a sense of unity to it.

I feel that this design clearly links to the brief, and stopwatch element to it reassures the fact it it aimed at gym goers.

I am particularly happy with this design, and feel that it is one of my strongest gym goers ideas, as it meets the brief well. Despite this, I feel that there are still a few elements of this design which could be adapted to make it even more successful. Despite not having too much negative space, I still feel that this could be improved upon by filling the space further, and making the design slightly more intricate.

The composition of the piece I feel is something which appears quite neat,and therefore helps portray the Paraschiv style I have reasearched.

Refined Recording 12

Target audience: gym goers

Style: Georgiana Paraschiv



This design was made using a Biro pen, and a Wacom tablet. For this design I tried using a different concept rather than the stereotypical gym product, as I wanted to create a different take on what the going to the gym is all about. I feel that a key part of fitness links into health and this is something I worked with to come up with this piece.

This design was made under the influence of Georgiana Paraschiv’s work and is something in which I had put a twist on in my own style. The colour scheme of the piece is re and green, generally colours which are connoted with health, and have been used in a way to show that the gym is as much about your health as it is about getting fit.

I feel this idea does link to the brief, as it is something which would be appropriate for gym goers, and would be more appealing to them than to families.

If I were to take this design forward, I would experimenting with composing the heart in different positions, much like Paraschiv does with her works of art, and additionally change the colour scheme further as I feel the light pink background does not make this an appealing design.

Using Biro pen for the heart in this piece allowed me to further develop it in Photoshop, so I could manipulate the colours to suit the theme of the design. However, I feel that if I were have to experimented further, by perhaps using paint to show the different aspects of the heart, the design may have been even more effective.

To appeal to the target market more, I could add in some fruit to the design especially to demonstrate that this design is suitable for juice packaging, and to make it more relevant to the brief. I feel that due to this, this is one of my weaker designs and because of this I feel it is not one that I will be developing further.

Refined Recording 13

Target audience: gym goers

Style: Derrick Greaves



This design has a different take on the gym, as the idea behind it is to show the strength of the ballerina, as she balances on one foot. I feel that despite this idea not showing items related to gym goers directly, the idea behind it makes it relevant to the brief as although seen as quite a feminine thing, Ballet can also be seen as something which is indeed incredibly sporty.

The focal point of this piece in in fact the ballerina herself, and the design shows her to be surrounded by lines, which make the design more dynamic, and links into the block lines and shapes used in Derrick Greaves work, whilst still showing my own individual style.

Around the ballerina, there is a lot of negative space which I have filled with a gradient style background, originally produced with pencils and then changed colour by using the photo filter tool in Photoshop. I feel that this negative space is key to the design, and if it were to be filled with imagery, the simplicity of the design would be ruined and the piece would become over complicated, giving it an unclear focal point.

The composition of this image is something I feel would work incredibly well for placing onto a juice carton, as the landscape form it has would allow it to fit onto a rectangular shape side neatly.

I am quite fond of this design, but feel the colour scheme is quite feminine and therefore does not target both a male and female audience. This stereotype gives the design a few negative qualities and suggests it would not be such a successful product if it were to be sold, as one that has a wider colour scheme.

Refined Recording 14

Target audience: gym goers

Style: Derrick Greaves/ Georgiana Paraschiv


This design is fairly similar to the ballerina design, as features a type of strength, that is not typically connoted with gym goers. The design features a woman on a hoop, showing a type of hoop acrobatics, and the strength she has to balance herself within the hoop. The deign also features repeated oranges, which could be linked into Georgiana Paraschiv’s work, and yellow circles which have links to Derrick Greaves’ style.

I am particularly fond of this piece as I feel it is very different, and is not a stereotypical gym goers style, but instead challenges the mean of ‘gym’ and has an unusual twist to sporty designs.

This design has quite a delicate quality to it, and the duplication of the design through Photoshop gives it a wider focal point. The yellow circles in the centre of the design break up the image and add a further sense of colour to the design, implying the flavour of the drink is a lemon or orange flavour.

I additionally feel that based upon the female stereotypes related with hoop acrobatics that this design would appeal to a female audience, which is a quality much like my ballerina design that would restrict the amount of people who purchase it, suggesting the design would need to be adapted if it were to be developed further.

I chose to draw this particular image based upon the fact that it shows a different aspect of things which could be related to the gym, and it broadens peoples minds as to what the gym is about, as this image shows strength, but not in the traditional, stereotypical image that you may connote the gym with.

The materials I chose to design this piece in were traditional monotonous pencils, as I felt that I could show the shading around the persons muscles with this medium, to demonstrate their strength. This was something I found tricky when drawing, however overall I am quite pleased with the outcome, as I feel I managed to show this fairly well.

Refined Recording 15

Target audience: gym goers

Style: Georgiana Paraschiv/Caroline Church


This piece of artwork was created using Biro pen, and coloured pencils.The idea behind the design was to use a health orientated style as a different take on the traditional gym product.

The colour scheme used within this design was aimed to work with the strawberries and show the flavour of the juice drink.

This drawing was aimed at the target market of gym goers, with the idea that health has  big impact on your fitness. to appeal to this market, I aimed to create quite a sophisticated design that would target gym goers specifically, with a detailed design that would suit the target market.

I feel that this design does successfully appeal to the target market, as the sophistication of using a lifelike heart fits in with the serious nature of people trying to get fit, by going to the gym. However, there are many things which can be changed about this design to suit the target market further. For example, I feel that the strawberries could be placed in a more systematic order, as they currently appear quite random, and if they were to be placed in a neater way, they would have more links to Georgiana Paraschiv’s work. Additionally, these strawberries could be slightly blurred out as thy get further into the background, making the focal point of the piece even stronger than it already is.

I chose to draw this particular subject matter, because I feel it is a different take on Gym related things, but still comes in as a very important factor when considering going to the Gym. The heart its self is a muscle which is considered the most important part of the body, and despite not seeing the visual effects on it once having a gym session, the heart is something which benefits  lot from exercise, to help keep your body healthy.

I chose to use Biro pen to draw the main heart seen in the picture as I feel it is  medium that I am quite familiar with using, and therefore knew I could produce quite a successful outcome using it. Furthermore, I feel that the dark colour of the pen allowed e to create a strong focal point for the piece, despite the distraction of the colours around it.

I feel that looking into other artists work helped me with this drawing, as I aimed to create a similar style to Caroline Church when producing my heart drawing. This is something I knew had the potential to work quite well, as Biro pen would allow me to crete a similar style to the artists, especially due to the dark colour of the pen.




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