Little Designs Cambridge

Little Designs Cambridge

Kate Molloy founded Little Designs Cambridge. She works to provide a ‘customer led’ business, designing various things for different clients. Kate works with the clients, gaining knowledge into the type of designs they want and coming up with ideas for their companies advertising.

Kate worked on a ‘planet Grief’ project for her client who lost her husband when he drowned on their Caribbean holiday. Planet Grief is a website aiming to provide help and comfort to those during times of loss. Kate experimented with a range of ideas, refining each one and presenting them neatly to show to Helen Bailey; her client. In her designs, Kate explains why she uses symbolism and imagery such as hands, or a child looking up to the sky, demonstrating a sense of compassion through each design. Using imagery such as hands creates quite a loving atmosphere, showing how Planet Grief is there to provide comfort to people. Her designs fully appeal to her target market through this, and additionally through the colour scheme (blue and white) which almost symbolise tears, suggesting Planet Grief is something to look to during sad or difficult times.

The way Kate’s work has been presented is another thing which links into the target market well, as the page featuring her designs is very simplistic, with a set colour scheme focused on the designs purpose. The simplicity of the presentation allows the market to focus solely on the design, showing its importance.

Not only does this presentation have a set colour scheme and simplistic layout, but the designs additionally feature a set theme. For example, imagery of the world and also hands have been repeated continuously throughout the designs, suggesting they were either important to the target market, or have been used for a sense of compassion.

Looking at Kate’s presentation, I am particularly inspired to give my work more of a running theme throughout. I feel this makes her designs appear more interesting, and as though they hold a lot of meaning. Another thing I will take away from exploring how Kate Molloy presents her work is the simplicity and originality her presentation has, it appears incredibly personal to the client and clearly shows the target market. Along with this, I will try to use more of a set colour scheme when presenting my visual recordings as I feel this is a great success in Kate’s presentation.

Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 12.20.57.pngScreen Shot 2016-12-05 at 12.21.15.png


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