Feedback from my group

My group decided that they liked the Avocado, and the tennis racket design the best out of the selection of designs I showed them. I agree with the avocado design, as I feel that this is the strongest put of my family themed designs, however I am less certain about their other choice of the tennis racket design.

I feel that the responses from my group have bee particularly helpful in helping me analyse my designs with the opinion of others, and it allows me an insight into which designs  others feel have worked the best.

Like my group, I feel that my avocado design works well and the repetitive style along with the paint splatters shows strong artist influence. However,  will take their advice on board to make it an even stronger design. I feel that if I combine this piece with my flamingo painting, I can make the design more interesting by the inclusion of the pink colour scheme of the flamingo, whilst also showing the avocado design amongst it.

As my group felt that a repetitive style seemed to work quite well, I feel that I can also use this in my gym goers design, as it seems to be quite a success. Despite not liking the tennis racket design like my group, I feel I can use their feedback to create something different, whilst taking their ideas on boar. They felt that the Tennis racket worked well as it had a clear link to sport, so making my gym goers final piece clearly sport related is an idea I am going to work with.


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