Final Project Evaluation

I particularly enjoyed working on this brief however I did find it incredibly tricky. The part I liked the most about the brief was the researching different artists styles, and how I could use these to inspire my work. I found this the most interesting as it also allowed me to experiment with my own style of work, with the inclusion of things that had inspired me from the different artists.

Throughout the project, my research was key to helping me make vital decisions. I started this project by researching children, and family style drinks, which allowed me to combine these ideas and begin to create my own designs for fruit juice packaging. I found that the family style drinks that were currently on the market that I had researched were more suited to adults, due to the use of photographs, and less for children. This was something I hope to change through my packaging, making it additionally suitable and eye catching to children as  well as adults, as I feel this would make the product more family orientated.

Additionally, the research began to refine my drawings as I learnt more and more how to portray aspects of their style within my work as I got further into the project. This resulted in me learning more about my own style of work and the importance of showing this alongside of artists influence.

As the project went on, I feel my visual recordings became more suitably refined for the target markets, as I became familiar with the brief. My drawings developed as I combined different aspects of them with each other to make them suitable to use as fruit juice packaging.

For my final pieces I feel that I correctly selected the two designs which are the most effective on the juice cartons. I feel that deciding which ones would be most suitable was quite tricky and therefore getting other peoples pinions allowed me to take a step back and choose these easier.

The styles I chose to produce the final pieces in I feel were quite effective for the target markets that they were made for. Using a Sarah Beetson style for the family packaging allowed me to use bright colours which appeal to children, but an illustration that would appeal to adults too.

Gym Goers Final Piece

One of the main successes of this final piece is the realism of the drawings within it. I tried to make the stopwatch and apple as realistic as possible to suit the sophisticated style of gym goers. Additionally, I feel that duplicating the design allowed me to bring in a Georgiana Paraschiv style to the work which I feel made the packaging look fuller, and a more interesting design.

The parts of this design that I’m less fond of is the colour of the stopwatch, as I feel that although realistic, it has a very dark appearance in contrast with the greens that are used on the rest of the design.

If I were to re do this particular piece, I would change the colour of the stopwatch, and perhaps include different fruits rather than just a repeated apple, to give off the idea that the drink holds a lot of nutritional value, an to perhaps vary the design on the packaging a bit.

Family Final Piece

One of the main successes with my family final piece is the combination of both the flamingo design and the avocados. I feel by adding the flamingo into the original avocado design, it made the design less boring, and added in an aspect that would appeal to children as well, as I feel younger audiences would be less familiar with an avocado. Additionally, the colours of the  packaging I feel are now family suited, as the bright pinks from the flamingo break up the green, which is a less appealing colour to children.

Overall, I am happy with this design, but there are some parts I an still not as greatly pleased with. For example, for the top of the carton I used a watercolour splatter which I turned pink in Photoshop and changed it into a drip style format. I feel this looks quite random on the piece and does not match with the rest of the carton. This is something I would change if I were to edit this design further.

If I were to do this project again I would focus more on the Gym goers drink and include more gym aspect, such as gym equipment to bring out this theme further. I would additionally focus on doing a variety of more drawings, that are less animal orientated for the family packaging, to make my designs more varied.



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