My project

For my designs, I would like to specifically focus on the idea of Cambridge being known for the history of its students and educators, therefore focusing on the different colleges around Cambridge, and how education in Cambridge has made the City grow, becoming an incredibly historical place. For example, key events in Cambridge; such as Isaac Newton’s theory of Gravity being created outside of one of the Cambridge Colleges, is something which I feel is a major part of Cambridge’s History, and therefore would work well as an idea to base some of my posters around, whilst providing historical content appealing to my Target audience. Along with this, the main source of transportation used around Cambridge is also typically traditional to the city, and this something I feel could feature on my posters well. For example, a stereotype that comes with Cambridge is the idea of cyclists, and Cambridge being known as a ‘Cyclists city’. Cycle hire is incredibly well known in Cambridge also, and therefore this idea can be used as part of my designs to suggest that cycling is a fun way of exploring the different historical areas and sights of the city. With these main two ideas in mind, I hope to produce outcomes which clearly present these ideas, whilst showing Cambridge to be an incredibly interesting and inviting place to visit.


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