The client has a very specific age group that I will try to target when designing my Visit Cambridge poster. They have additionally included within the brief a specific thing that this age group would be interested in them, which restricts my design in some ways due to sticking with these ideas. I feel it is incredibly important as a Graphic Designer to follow what the client wants, as they are the reason you have the brief in the first place, and not sticking to this is something which will lessen the chances of the client liking your designs. Additionally, not following what the designer wants to see within your work will appear as though you have not listened to their requirements, and will come across as though you felt you had better ideas. Visit Cambridge’s current visual identity follows quite a classy, sophisticated style, which is something I feel is important to show within my work. The reason I feel this is because the company have set the brief to design something which they could use in advertising, not to rebrand their designs. Therefore I feel that some similarities between the photographs that are featured on Visit Cambridge’s website, and on my designs are key to showing this initial link. However, I will try to add a bit of originality to my designs, as I feel that the company are looking for a new diverse way of advertising, rather than simply using their initial style. The target audience I intend to make the poster for is


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