Initial Rough Logo Idea Number 1





This design is based around a bike wheel, which was meant to demonstrate the idea of bike tours around Cambridge. Whilst Cambridge is known for its generics sites, such as the colleges or river damn, I felt that cyclists were a key part of Cambridge and thwrefore this is something I wanted to include within my logo design. Through this deisgn, I looked at a way of combing the typography through part of the bicycle spokes, and running the typography along this slanted angle, giving it links to the work of Abram Games. (Specifically his poster “Jersey” which I looked into as part of research for the project.) Using Abram Games for one of the main influences for this design I feel is something which allowed this design to be successful. The angle the typography sits at works well with the bike wheel and allows the typography to fit in well with the bike spokes.

I feel the colours of the design work well as the bike wheel used quite realistic colours, contrasted with the colours of the typography which make the words stand out from afar. However, this is something which could be developed and changed further take the combination of words and images even more successful. For example, if the letters were to include more traditional bike colours, they may fit better with the wheel,’or perhaps using a bike gesture to place the words in, I may be able to make the words look as though they are part of the bike, increasing the realism in the design.

However, if this change were to be made in the design then the typography may not stand out as well against the imagery, making the words less visible to read. The main focal point of this image is the typography, and removing the colour in it may change the focal point entirely, making the typography seem less important.

I feel that this design does work for my target audience, as bikes allow quite a general audience, as they can be used for travel by most people. However, I refine this idea further making it more target audience specific, by perhaps including points of interest for 35-60 year olds, that are available to travel to safely by bikes around Cambridge. This would therefore give the design a stronger message behind it, making it more relevant to the brief.


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