Logo Design:


This logo was based around using education as the main idea for the logo. To represent the idea of Cambridge being historical through the famous colleges it has, I designed a logo based around a graduation day hat to celebrate the successes of Cambridge. This design has influence from one of the posters I looked at in my research, which is one I hope to use to inspire me throughout my project.

From the poster I used for inspiration, I took the idea of using part of the object itself to form an element of the typography within the design. Designing the string in the shape of the words “visit Cambridge” allowed me to create a similar effect to the one used within the shoe poster, just at more basic level. Combining the words and images in this way is something I feel that was quite successful for this logo, and it allowed the words to look like they are part of the image. Additionally, the colour scheme of yellow and blacks allowed the typography to contrast against the hat, making it stand out fairly well, and more appropriate for a logo.

I feel a flaw in this design is the sizing and readability of the text itself. As the sizing is not extremely large, I feel from a distance it may be quite hard to read, and perhaps confusing based upon the style of the typography. Additionally, the typeface us something which is fairly basic, and has not been refined to suit the particular audience that I have chosen. I feel a typeface such as one with a Serif style format may be more appropriate for my target audience as suggests sophistication, linking to the sophisticated historical places there are to visit in Cambridge. However, I feel this may be challenging to adapt as the words and images are neatly combined due to the loopy aspect of the font, and removing this may make the string part of the hat look less like string.

Overall I am happy with this design, and feel that the combination of words and images is particularly strong, however I feel that it is less appropriate for my audience. I feel that taking this design forward to use as a logo may be quite challenging.


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