Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 09.32.52.png


For this logo I chose to use a completely different style of poster to influence me, so I had a broad range of ideas. The monotonous colour scheme of this particular poster is something I felt could work well for a logo as the harsh black lines are fairly striking, making it a noticeable part of the poster.

Combining the words and images is something I found quite hard within this style of work, as using straight lines made it hard to make the typography look as though it is connected to the imagery in some way. The designer of the original poster used a lot of curved style typography, and this is something I wanted to bring forward and use within my logo. I chose to use these arch shapes as the main outline of my logo, and then put the rest of the design within the circle.
The typography I used within this poster is something I thought incredibly careful about, as I wanted it to link to my audience as much as possible. Therefore when choosing a font, I looked at suitable fonts which used Serifs, and chose the one which I felt would fit the best with my design whilst also showing links to my artist inspiration. Combining this particular font with my logo is something I found worked fairly well, as each serif included allowed an easy place to attach the typography with the circle, giving it a stencil effect. I feel that combing the words and images worked incredibly well here, as each element of typography and imagery is connected back into the main circle used, giving the logo a sense of equality. This equal feel is also made up by the negative space of the logo, which is almost even on both sides, as the main focal point of Kings college is similar each side, leaving even amounts of negative space.

I feel that this logo meets the brief well, as including One of the colleges within my imagery links into my target adherence, as it represents the historical areas in Cambridge, whilst the connection of the Serif font allowed me to combine both the words and imagery quite well. However, If I were to change this design, I would probably think about colour scheme more, as despite the bold appearance of the black lettering, I feel a colour such as blue would creat additional links to my target audience whilst also corresponding with the colours used on the “Visit Cambridge” website, perhaps refining my idea to a more interesting level.


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