Image result for watercolour words and images new york logio Image result for watercolour words and images new york logio


Design:Screen Shot 2017-02-04 at 20.34.50.png

This logo was based around a New York logo I had found with an interesting combination of words and images. The words within the New York logo appear to be sitting upon the line which comes from the typography, connecting the two in a way I had not seen before.

Using this style for my “Visit Cambridge” logo was something I felt would be challenging, as it involved the use of other materials than a Wacom Tablet. Using watercolour paints, I aimed to produce an outcome similar to the New York logo, yet personalised to suit Cambridge.

To combine the words and images, I scanned my watercolour painting into Photoshop, and altered the placement of the image with the hand drawn typography I had produced. With the typography, I aimed to show the calligraphy style effect that the New York logo had to it, but making it correspond with my imagery well. I am pleased with the way the words and images have worked within this logo, yet feel they lack a sense of connection between them. For example, I feel that the harsh black colour of the writing makes the imagery feel as though it is not connected to the typography, based upon the orange colours which do not blend in with the line. This I feel could be improved if the style or colour was changed of the typography, as it may make the two seem as though they are one, rather than two separate parts.


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