refined logo


Refined Logo 1


This is the first way that I refined my bike Logo. Although not a drastic change, I wanted to experiment with making the font more appropriate for my target audience by adding Serifs. I feel that this didn’t work to well yet despite this I am still satisfied with the outcome.

I found adding Serifs incredibly hard as this typography was hand drawn using a Wacom Tablet, and therefore did not allow me to change the font easily. The Serifs that I added to this logo turned out to look as though they are a medieval style of typography, which I additionally feel would work well with representing the history of Cambridge. During Medieval times, Cambridge thrived with a regular market and a large population, and producing this font will allow me to convey this idea through my work, which links into the historical interest that my target audience have.

The word and image combination has not changed, as I was happy with they way that the words and images were combined. Using an Abram Games style layout to the typography allowed me to create an interesting angle for this typography, and almost suggests the typography is a support which keeps the bike wheel upright, showing how it has become part of the imagery.

Refined Logo 2:screen-shot-2017-02-19-at-18-54-26

This is the second refinement I made to my bike wheel, again it is not a drastic change, but I wanted to experiment with adding a different colour scheme to the overall design and seeing how this would affect its appearance. I feel that this refinement has not worked that well, ad the colour appears quite random, and I feel is fairly gender bias. For example, it is usually known that pink is more of a feminine colour, and I feel that this idea has come through within this design and therefore does not allow me a wide target audience. Therefore, I feel that changing the colour scheme this drastically is something which has not helped my design, but I have learned which sort of colours are least successful in my designs.

Additionally, this is another example of not changing the word and image combination, as I only wanted to adapt the colour scheme. I feel if I were to place the words and images in a different way, or at a different angle with this particular refinement, not a great change would occur as the design would still feel fairly feminine based on the colour scheme.

I will not be taking this refinement forward as I feel the colour scheme particularly restricts the design and does not appeal to my target market.

Refined Logo 3:screen-shot-2017-02-19-at-19-03-05

This is the third refinement I made to my bike wheel. AS i had not changed perspective of composition within the other refined examples of this design I felt I should experiment with this. I firstly changed the perspective of one bike wheel, by turning it, which made me come up with the idea that the words could be used as another part of the bike. I then duplicated the design and added in the rest of the bike. I am very happy with this experimentation and feel that changing the perspective and angle of my original design opened up a lot of ways that my words and images could be combined. Using the typography as important parts of the bike allowed me to show a different angle of the design. However, I felt that this lessened the link to Abram Games’ ‘Jersey’ poster and therefore shows a way in which this design is not as successful as the others.

I specifically made the main areas of the bike blue to link to my target audience more,as I feel that this is a colour which is appropriate for them. I did not change the colours on the wheels of the bike, as I felt that the contrast between the orange and blue is something which worked well, making my design quite eye catching.

Despite being quite fond of this design, I feel it has one main flaw to it. The typography in my design are shown at such angled perspectives, that they are quite hard to read. This is something which drastically effects the design and I feel that it does not work well for a logo. Whilst being viable from a distance, the design stands out well as a logo yet not being able to read the typography easily overthrows this point. I feel that I will not be taking this design further, after experimenting with different perspectives, I feel that the main focus on the bike makes the typography seem less important, when it is actually a crucial part of the design.


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