Refined logo 2

IMG_8352 (1).jpgScreen Shot 2017-02-04 at 21.41.53.png

This is a refined logo I made incorporating the idea of using a bike design and a design I had previously made for one of my other logos. I feel the combination of words and images worked well in the design as they are neatly combined into the centre of the bike wheel. Keeping the metal bar element of the bike within the design almost allows a more interesting combination of words and images as the typography appears to sink into the back of the wheel, as this part of the bike pushes it into the background.

I chose to use a style of typography that includes Serifs to bring a connection between my chosen audience type and the typography. I feel that this design has worked fairly well, yet lacks influence from my research and therefore appears quite random. Despite this, I feel that within the imagery, cycling and historical places within Cambridge are included.

If I were to refine this idea further, I would make the design have more influence from the designers I have researched, and work on neatening up the edges of the design.I am not fond of this design as I feel it does not fit the brief that well, as it needs to be more audience specific.

Within the typography, I have removed the ‘C’ from Cambridge and placed it outside of the wheel.This is a way in which I attempt to make the design more innovative an unique, to link to the brief further. I feel that removing this C from the inside of the wheel appears quite random, yet works well as the C fits well under elements of the design. This combines the words and images further, as it slightly alters the perspective of the logo. This is something that I felt went well when designing this logo.

I will not be taking this logo idea forward, as I feel I have made stronger Logos than this, that combine words and images in more of an interesting way. I additionally feel that logos are meant to be fairly simple, and there is too much going on within this design, giving it less logo like qualities.


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