Refined LOGO

Refinement 1:screen-shot-2017-02-19-at-18-44-45

This is the first refinement I did to my logo. I have simply changed the colour scheme of the design in order to suit the preferences of my target market and to represent the colours of Cambridge.

Refinement 2:


In this refinement, I chose to develop the typography, along with the style of my logo design. Changing the typeface allowed me to choose a typeface that I felt suited my target audience more, whilst additionally adapting the colour to match the imagery. I feel the word and image combination within this piece is still not that strong, as the images appear as if they are simple placed behind the words, giving them less of a combined sense. However, the blue splashes of watercolour make up for this as they are dotted around the typography making the words and images seem as though they are one.

I am quite pleased with this logo, but feel due to the light colours within it, it would not stand out and be that visible as a logo. Being easy to see from a distance is  a quality I feel should come with a logo, and this one does not have that. Therefore, I don’t think I will be taking this design forward.


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