Rough Poster idea 5

So far I have made 3 rough posters based upon some of the the designs I have researched. The main influence for these designs I have created come from the three posters below, which combine the words and images in way which makes the words a part of the image. I am particularly fond of these ideas and therefore want to include them in my own designs.

Screen Shot 2017-02-01 at 22.19.06.png


This idea uses clouds as the main source for combining words and images. I feel if it were to be refined further, this design could be quite successful as the words seem as though they are part of the picture. The focal point of this idea is entered around the imagery specifically, and how it merges in with the clouds behind it. My intention with this piece was to show elements of cambridge through a high perspective, allowing more of the city to be featured through the photography. Specifically having the colleges within this photograph allows me to create links to my audience, as these are places in which I feel that they would take interest in. I feel a part of this design that is less successful is the colour scheme used; mainly greys, which although allow me to combine the words and images quite well, do not make cambridge much of an inviting place. However, this is something that could be refined further, by changing the colours in the sky and making it seem a brighter picture.

Using the clouds as the main place my typography comes from allows the design to have an interesting composition as the typography becomes a part of the image. Using a light opacity on Photoshop, I created cloud like letters to mimic realistic clouds making the design seem fairly professional.Furthermore, combining the words in this way allowed me to make them a large part of the design, showing their importance and how they stand out over the top of the picture. A slight texture is also seen through the typography as they are based on clouds, so show some transparent parts, not blocking out too much of the images. A way of developing the word and image combination further would be to work on a sense of background and foreground, by perhaps pushing the less important word ‘visit’ further into the background of the piece, connecting the word to a different cloud. This would then make the overall design appear less flat.

This idea links to my research through the way the words have been combined into the background of the image, including it within the picture. I feel the way the words and images are combined is something which makes this idea quite strong, and the way of combining the words into the imagery is something I want to carry forward further into my project.

To make this combination of words and images more innovative, I could use materials other than Photoshop to combine the two together, such as using elements of material and scanning them in to develop the design further. Additionally, chasing the colours within the design may make it more exciting, as using a bright white for the clouds along with a blue sky may make the design more appealing.

I feel that this design does work well for my target audience, but could be focused around areas of cambridge they are more specifically interested in, rather than such a general view of the city. To develop this, I could choose a different area of Cambridge to focus this idea around.

I feel that this idea does meet the brief as it combines words and images, whilst using my own photos to do so. It additionally is aimed at the audience of 35-60 year olds, by showing a wide area of cambridge.


Similar to the design above, this design combines the words and images through merging them into the image, expanding the pole within the image to make it into the typography. I feel that this design is quite successful, and would be even more so if it were to be refined further. Refining this design further would allow me to include a tag line, and additional text by perhaps linking them to the other poles within the piece, or connecting them to another part of the image. I feel that the overall colour scheme within this design is quite dull, and could be refined to make the colours more suitable to my target audience. Along with this, I would work on making the colours of the typography as close to the colours of the pole as possible, as this will make the design seem more realistic, allowing a stronger combination of words and images.

I specifically used the typography as the focal point for this piece as I felt it is an incredibly important part of the design, and these specific words should have heighrarchy in the design due to their importance.

The photo I have used for this image is something I feel that makes the design less successful. This is because it is not that specific to my target audience, and therefore lacks too much link to the brief. Despite this, I feel the combination of words and images is strong, and therefore this design could be worked on further to fulfil the brief to a stronger extent.

To make the word and image combination even more successful, I could change the focal point of the typography, linking it into the work of designers I have researched further, such as Abram Games.


A main way to refine all the the above designs further whilst still linking them to my research is to use materials other than Photoshop to combine the words and images with.


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